Hello DL Community!

Devil-Linux 1.6.3 brings lots of software updates, in addition to support
for being a file and backup server for Apple computers.
I was very pleased to hear about the support for Apple computer backups. I'm presuming this means support for Apple's proprietary "Time Machine" facility.

I've looked into adding this to my own DL box, and the preferred Linux setup seems to be netatalk plus avahi.

On my DL 1.6.3 system, I can see the avahi support, but I haven't been able to find netatalk.

What am I missing? Does DL 1.6.3 include netatalk/afpd? Am I obliged to configure and build DL myself to get netatalk, or perhaps am I supposed to use samba or nfs instead?

Or perhaps I am utterly confused, and the quoted email above is referring to bacula?

Thank you in advance,