I don't think there's an elegant way right now.
You can always just create your own init script from the /etc/init.d/skeleton file and make sure it starts early, then you don't have to worry about it being overwritten by an update.

I would wait with changing the init script, Bruce was planing on replacing the scripts. Is that still correct Bruce?


  Heiko Zuerker

Quoting "Rudner, Björn" <brudner@baulogis.com>:

Hi List,
I'm using DL with heartbeat - ldirector and apache for a long time now.
Now I'm doing some tests with upgrades from the "old" /etc to the "new" /etc - storage.
One thing that I ran over on this is the following:
Since I use Apache as an active/active-cluster on two boxes I need to assign a whole bunch of secondary IP-addresses (right now > 20 virtual-IP-Addresses) to the Loopback-Interface.
(Ldirector routes these from one node to the other and therefore the IP-Adresses must be known there internally - Also the Apaches bind to these addresses.)
Heartbeat then removes them from the Loopback and assings them to the physical interface and issues an arp-update to the connected routers on the active node.
On the other hand it removes these IP-adresses from the physical NIC and assignes it back to the Loopback as the node goes standby.
At the moment I have just added some "ip addr add" commands to /etc/init.d/localnet. The adresses must be known before apache and heartbeat starts (else heartbeat will not move them back to loopback when the node goes standby)
Since this is a quick & dirty method I also have to keep an eye on that file on every DL-update (it is not choosen to be kept by default on updates)
Now to my question:
Is there already a smarter way (I may have overlooked) to assign secondary IP-addresses to the loopback interface early in the boot-process without the need to change the init-scripts?
If there is not I might try to rework the localnet-script to reflect those needs to keep this update-save.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards,

Björn Rudner
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