Hi again Fred!

How does your ipsec.conf look like anyway?

Seems to me that FreeS/wan is unable to find the ip-addr. on ppp0 in your configuration. When you configure your side as roadwarrior (i.e. dyn ip-addr.), you should set left=%any or right=%any, whatever is your side. If your defaultroute is set to ppp0 and the left or right is correct, you'll get a match of the ip-addr. If not, you'll get the errormessage bellow.

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Author: "Fred de Klein" <fred.deklein@iosystems.co.uk>

Re: RE: [Devil-Linux-discuss] ipsec connection problem:

Hi Bjorn,

thanks for that.

When I leave the interfaces=%defaultroute it automatically grabs the eth0 interface, which is connected to the LAN, so it will never hook up with the modem then.

I also tried the restart Heiko advised, however got the same result unfortunately. bummer

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Hi Fred!

From the FreeS/wan docs:

... we have no ipsecN interface for either end of this connection

Each Pluto needs to know whether it is running on the machine which the
connection description calls left or on right . It figures that out by:

looking at the interfaces given in interfaces= lines in the config
setup section
discovering the IP addresses for those interfaces
searching for a match between those addresses and the ones given in
left= or right= lines.

Normally a match is found. Then Pluto knows where it is and can set up
other things (for example, if it is left) using parameters such as
leftsubnet and leftnexthop, and sending its outgoing packets to right.

If no match is found, it emits the above error message.

Also see the man pages for ipsec.conf:  The usual setting is
interfaces=%defaultroute (lets FreeS/wan do it for you autmatically).

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On 27.11.02, 13:09:22, "Fred de Klein" <fred.deklein@iosystems.co.uk>
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> Hi there,
> had the following problem with my roadwarrior configuration that it
tried to
> connect via my eth0 connection to the gateway.
> Have adjusted this in the ipsec.conf to read that ipsec0=ppp0, which
> seemed to have accepted.
> However, when I try to get the tunnel to the gateway it comes up with
> following issue:
> "022 we have no ipsecN interface for either end of this connection"

> has anyone seen/experienced this before, and more important, does
> find a solution???

> Your help much appreciated.

> Regards
> Fred de Klein
> Io Systems
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