Well I finally got Devil Linux setup and it is working more like a router than anything which is fine but,  I need help with some more advanced configuration options.
First:  The Hardware
         Pentium III 650Mhz Slot processor
         32X CDrom
         Floppy Drive
         512 Megs of Memmory
         4meg AGP Card
         X2  Intel Pro 100 NIC
Second: The Software
              Devil Linux Ver 2.4.27-grep
              Static IP address from my cable provider
Basicly I burned the program and put it in a system that did not have an HD. It worked and my internet at home works fine. Now I need to move onto the next level.
1. Both my Father and my sister have computers and Broadband connections but get DHCP from their providers.
2. Both my father and sister store files on my system (use to use win2000 server before.
3. Someone found a way in and started storing their files and locked my out (Format and reload was required)
4. I want to set it up so that family can have access but not anyone else.
The problem is I can;t figure how to configure DL so that I can let only my dad and sister have access.to my 2000 server through the FTP or VPN connection, whichever works best.  any help is welcome.
Robert J Hewitt