thank-you Heiko Zuerker
Printing is possible
This command...
    cat "file.name" > /dev/lp#
sent a "print-to-file" file transfered from my MS windows box
I then borrowed these files from a Red Hat 7.2 distro...
    /usr/sbin/lpr                    (the lpr deamon)
    /usr/sbin/checkpc           (file that checks for errors the lpr deamon might report
    /usr/bin/lp                      >
    /usr/bin/lpr                     >>>
    /usr/bin/lpq                    >>>>>  (variouse commands to send, pause, cancel print jobs
    /usr/bin/lprm                  >>>
    /usr/bin/lpstat                >
    /kerberos/lib/*.*              (these are lib files that the deamon and commands need)
    /etc/lpd.conf                  >
    /etc/printcap                  >>>    (config files for the lpr deamon)
    /etc/lpd.perms               >
All of these files were placed on a hard drive and soft linked in the /etc/init.d/boot file
i also modified the the red hat /etc/init.d/lpd deamon start stop file to work with the Devil Linux /etc/init.d/functions file
Printing works great threw samba now
if anybody would like help with this send a post i read them every week or so
I've also been suchsessfull placing the etra bin, lib, and sbin files on the cdrom so as not to need a hard drive
????    will USB support be avail, can i use the /dev/usb/lp# from another distro,
           anyhelp or sugestions would be great    ????
Thanks Michael