I have a bad combination of Net (coax) and computer (Only PCI slot).
In a set of different network cards I do have a 3com 3c900-combo Boomerang. The board works in the Windows environment and in a BBIagent LINUX.
The NIC do have a automatic selection of media (10base-T, AUI and Coax), which I found is not a implemeted feature in the 3c59x driver.
But the 3com utility DOS disk gives me the opportunuty to set the card for my need.
A lot of LINUX users have reported problems to get this card to work in many LINUX distributions.
As I they report that the installation of the card indicates that the card is correctly installed but the TX and RX counters stays to 0 in the process.
Some users have noticed that the lowest level works with PING. But nothing more.
Since there are very few users on LINUX on this particular NIC there may not be any solutions for me on that NIC. I have read that the 3c900B-combo a later release is done in another way, 3com have made  a driver for that NIC.
I am working today on DL 1.2.14 release
Have set up the firewall with a 3c905B as WAN and the 3c900-combo as LAN
I have a good hope for some assistance from any of you. I am an experinced C programmer with some knowledge in Network driver design.
Best Regards
Jan in Sweden