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I hope this must have been the first to be submitted as a feature request; I'd be surprised if till date no one requested it.

Now there are two options that would allow the stop code for the output window. One is to have it inbuilt into the program, one that is not visible, not editable. The other option, would be to have a command that presents an editor window, that can retain a code that we want to execute when the program is run. Here, we can edit that code normally, and also we can choose to not have any code, as also we may have a code of our choice or needs. If there is an error in this window, then, if it may be possible for the window to show it then and there without having to run the main program, would be good. But if this is not there, then I propose, that if this code contains any kind of error, then after compiling and running, this editor window automatically shows up with the error highlighted like in the main editor.

I have this command for stopping the window. Of course I had to pick it up from somewhere since I am just a beginner, then did some very minor modifications like adding a new line and change a string etc:

void exit ()
cout << "\n\n*** Press any key to continue>>...";
cin.ignore (0);
getch ();


If a beginner is here just for the stop code and wondering how this works, then you have to put the above code BEFORE the "main" function, and put this small line--- exit (); ---INSIDE the "main" function JUST BEFORE the "return" statement (if you have one; otherwise, in the end). Anywhere else it won't work.


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