GNU Licence problem

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    There is something I don't understend in the GNU Licence. If I write a program and then compile it with Dev-C++ do I have to distribute the resulting exectuable (and all adds) also under the GNU Licence? Or mayby I can do what I want with this execuable, even sale it?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You can do whatever you want with your own executable, even sell it. Yes, you can use Dev-C++ to develop commercial applications and sell them. It would be nice if you could donate 1% of all earnings to the developers of Dev-C++. ;-)

    • Anonymous - 2003-11-11

      It depends on what libraries you link with. Please note that the STDC and STDC++ libraries that GCC, MingW, used by Dev-Cpp, uses have exceptions allowing you to distribute the resulting executable without putting it under the GPL/LGPL. The MingW project allows you to use the W32API stuff with similar exception. That is, for pure C/C++/Win32API programs you can keep it closed source if you want to, and you can sell it if you want. For other libraries read the license they use, if the do not provide an exception, then you have to open your source under the license used by that library.

      A short version, if the individual license does not have an exception, works like this.

      GPL: Resulting executable must be released under the GPL.

      LGPL: The executable itself can be kept closed source so long as the API is publicaly accessible via linker libraries, DLL, or something similar. The DLL, must be released under the LGPL.

      Several open source projects are under other licenses. Check each one before you use it. Several use GPL with some sort of exception.

      Zero Valintine

  • joshuaeirm

    joshuaeirm - 2012-06-27

    A program that creates graphical maps that is written with dev c++ (and
    possibly libraries, etrc.) outputs a series of numbers. These numbers are used
    in a diferent Microsoft created program. I am not trying to sell the program I
    created with dev c++ but I want to use the data in this diferent (Microsoft
    program.) Because it is only output data for an array, not a program, number
    three is invalid and I may do what I like with my program even sell it?

  • joshuaeirm

    joshuaeirm - 2012-06-27

    My program that creates graphical tiled maps written in dev c++ creates a
    graphical map image. I am unsure what libraries etc. were used. I would likle
    to use these maps in other programs that are written with Microsofts Visual
    C++. Can I use these maps this way without ant need for furthor licensing etc.
    This is diferent from above, as this is output of a program created, not a
    program created.


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