Adding a data file to my compiled program

  • Azima

    Azima - 2011-04-19

    Currently using Dev C++ and I was wondering how do I go about adding a data
    file to my program. I created the data file and don't know how to link the two
    together. I tried using a project folder and I put the .cpp and the .txt with
    in the folder but it still doesn't notice it. I'm oviously missing a step or
    two. Maybe even three! Please someone save me. My instructor wants me to use



    using namespace std;
    ifstream fin("");
    while(fin>>employeeid>>hoursworked>>hourlyrate){..........}//end of loop

  • GReaper

    GReaper - 2011-05-31

    Simple, add it as resource.

  • Aris

    Aris - 2012-04-28

    ifstream fin(""); makes an ifstream object and a stream between name of the file) and fin(the name of the object)

    fin>>employeeid>>hoursworked>>hourlyrate; insert 3 first values in the file
    to, employeeid hoursworked hourlyrate...

    If off course is a text file. if it is a binary you must use read
    and write functions.

    the must be to the same folder with the .exe of your prgramm


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