I'm looking for someone that can help me create a program as describe below:

PROJECT TITLE: "Encryption & Decryption"

"Develop a program that reads a text file of characters and creates another text file containing the data in the input file in encrypted form. Use the simple encryprtion scheme that replaces each character by three-digit integer (repesented as a string) obtained by subtracting from the constant value of 128 the ASCII integer counterpart of that character. For example, the character 'A' should be converted to the string "063", because in ASCII 'A' is 65, and when we subtract 65 from 128, we get 63.
The procedure is reversed when decrypting the encrypted form of text file."

Please help me. I really need professional programmers out there. For those who are willing to help, you can simply send the coding to my email; syahmi112637
Thank you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.