GoofeySkull - 2013-04-11

Hello, I am a college student currently studying on a 2 year long Game Design course.

For part of my course I have been tasked to do a research project relevant to the media enterprise that is Gaming, and so I have chosen to do my project on Dev-C++ and how it is perceived. I realize of course that Dev C++ isn't an application designed for gaming, but it has the capability as I have seen and tested, thus it is part of my research project, which will all be comparative to other applications in the same field of programming and game design.

Please note that these are just general performance and opinionated questions, you do not need to have any knowledge of game implementation what-so-ever, and all results are to take user feedback for comparison against other products (free or otherwise).

I have created a short survey to gather feedback from users about Dev-C++ in general, and I would be very grateful if any of you fine people could take a minute or two to fill it out by following the link below.

Many thanks to all you who take a moment of your time to help me out, and of course, any feedback or criticism towards my work will be helpful, a new perspective from others always helps to build a better way to view your work I believe.

Thank You all for your time.