delulo - 2014-01-12

To all talented C++ developers,

Invictus Innovations ( is a young start-up with great potential and a lot of VC funding. We are looking for talented C++ developers, especially for those with Qt and GUI skills. To find those talents there are very well paid bounty competitions. Apart from C++ other skills (graphic design, web design and more) are needed as well.

You can have a look at the bounty section on the invictus community forum at

You can either just grab the bounty or grab the bounty and maybe work for invictus if it’s a fit for both sides!

All bounties together are worth 140,000 $ right now. They are paid in a digital currency (PTS) which can be traded for $ if desired. 1 PTS is about 14$ right now. It is a bitcoin like system.

If you sign up at the Bitshares forum please leave a note here that “delulo” made you aware of this set of bountiy competitions. This will reward me for my recruiting efforts. Thanks a lot in advance.