Sourabh Jain - 2012-10-28

Hi Friends, Let me introduce myself.
I m Sourabh, 19 year old, currently perusing SEM) from Indore.
I have keen interest in programming, and my best language to program are C & C++.

I have made cool games, and some utilities, some for fun purpose.
I would like to share all with you.
Here is the link to all the softwares:

[b]1. Sticks.[/b]
It is made in graphics. Its very interesting game developed in C++.
In this you play against computer and pick a specific amount of sticks.
Computer does the same. The one made to pick the last stick looses.

[b]2. Graph Plotter.[/b]
It is a basic graph plotter which can lot all the coordinate graphs of the form y=f(x).

[b]3. BattleShip.[/b]
An interesting game, in which you have some fixed no of bullets, and you are to kill all the enemy battles located in a forest. If you kill all of them with some bullets left, then you will, or you loose.

[b]4. Any Month Calendar.[/b]
It can print calendar of any month, based on the year and month of user input.

[b]5. Password Rater.[/b]
It gives the rating of a password, based on the characters, digits or symbols used.

[b]6. Kid Sums.[/b]
I though maths to small kids. I used to give them short sums, sums with carry, sums without carry. So I tried to do such and implementation 

[b]7. Colour Text Game.[/b]
It’s a cool memory aid game. It improves attention and concentration of your brain.
Rules are simple, Press y if the visible word is of the same colour else n.
For eg if RED is displayed, since it is of same colour so press y.
if YELLOW is displayed, since it is not of yellow colour so press n.

[b]8. Raone(Tic-Tac-Toe).[/b]
It’s a nice game of tic tac toe with computer.
Its given name, Raone because computer never looses in this game(until the cheat code is pressed).

[b]9. Flames.(Love Game)[/b]
And last one is a love game. You enter your and your partners first name, and it displays the relation between you both.
Nice game with graphics.

I made a group recently on Facebook on programming, named Programming Izz My Lyf.
I want you friends to come and join me, we will discuss new stuffs, clear some doubts.
I request experts to come there, share some of their tips.
I request beginners to come there, there will be new shares everyday.
Here is the link:

Hope you liked my post.
Thank You.

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