not getting exe files from pompiler

  • sydney

    sydney - 2013-02-23

    I have a book on algorithms with a lot of source code: c and h files. So I created a new project within the example code directory and added in the book code for the .c and .h files, and then removed the default main.c, since it was not needed: the other code already contained a main(). I then compiled and tried to run project code. No good! I looked in the project folder and found a .o file, so some of the compilation process is working, but there is no .exe file to be found! I looked at some of the included examples, ie Pascal, and found that this example works OK. Then I looked at and compared the make file for both projects. The syntax in both of these makefiles is the same except for the paths to the .o and .exe files! I thought that I new quite a bit about now to use compilers and linkers, but this problem is making me doubt myself! Any ideas are appreciated.

  • sydney

    sydney - 2013-03-06

    This is very strange! Sometimes when I add code files into the project along with the default main file and try to compile the code the screen shows something happened, and then when I remove the default main() and recompile, now the compiler completes! And the exe is now produced!


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