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Welcome to the detool wiki.

Please read the readme.odt file in the current build archive.

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Creative Commons License
Dynamics Explorer by Brian Boyd is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at sourceforge.net.

Major Features

  1. Cross platform as long as that platform supports the installation of a Java JDK version 1.8 or better (JDK needed for runtime compiling support)
    • Tested on Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows XP (32 bit), Ubuntu 12, Mac 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
  2. Advanced Graphical interface using Java Swing
    • support for multiple floating frames on a virtual desktop
  3. Image manipulation features:
    • Zoom in
    • Zoom out
    • Selectively increase maxiter for a selected area
    • Recenter with a click
    • Shift image by 'n' pixels by using the arrow keys
    • Shift faster using the numpad arrows
    • Ctrl + click to copy pixel coordinate data to clipboard
  4. Configurable spawns
    • For example, create profiles that allow you to click on a parameter plane to spawn the associated Julia Set for the cX, cY point you clicked on
  5. Realtime spawn preview
    • See a small preview of a spawn in realtime as you move your mouse around a plane
  6. Multi threaded for high performance
  7. Native support for Complex numbers (data type source included)
  8. Ability to trace the orbit of any given point
  9. Detect attracting cycles at either pixel or double value accuracy (including configurable error bound)
  10. Detect attracting cycle basins and identify based on cycle length or uniquely per basin
  11. Realtime manipulation of many image properties, including:
    • Whether basins are colored
    • What basin coloration scheme to use
    • Changing of palettes
    • Whether ‘split’ directive coloration is in effect (binary decomposition)
    • Color density
    • Color lightness
  12. Support for all Java.Math functions as of Java 1.6 SE
  13. Support for a number of Complex math functions (see Mathematical Expressions section for details)
  14. Export image data template
    • allows you to recreate an image at a later time
  15. Export raw image data
    • allows you to recreate the image at a later time
    • allows you to examine the raw pixel data (format described in appendix)
  16. Export image in .png format
    • Provides the highest quality image in a lossless compressed format
  17. Ability to create arbitrarily large images (impossible to fit in memory) and write directly to disk
    • want to make a 50,000 by 50,000 pixel image for print in a magazine? No problem!
  18. Ability to make movies in QuickTime format
    • for example, follow a path around a parameter plane and make a movie of the resulting Julia Sets
  19. Support for distributed processing
    • program can be run in Standalone, Server, or Client mode
    • Standalone mode disables the client/server code
    • Server mode is used to control clients
    • Client mode accepts commands from a server
  20. Multi-lingual
    • I added (poorly translated) internationalization to the program
    • Language packs included are (in alphabetical order):
      • English
      • French
      • German
      • Italian
      • Spanish
  21. Automation
    • Now you can have deTool automatically process images for you and export the results in png and or raw data format
    • A daemon will check the /batch/in directory every so often for new .aut files to process, and send the results to the /batch/out directory

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