Trying to compile desr-0.9 on Macintosh

  • Atanas Chanev

    Atanas Chanev - 2007-11-13


    I am trying to compile desr-0.9 on my Mac (Intel processor with Mac OS X and XCode) but I get the following error:

    RegExp.cpp: In constructor 'IXE::Text::RegExp::RegExp::RegExp(const char*, int)':
    RegExp.cpp:61: error: no matching function for call to 'IXE::Text::RegExp::ParseException::ParseException()'
    ../text/RegExp.h:48: note: candidates are: IXE::Text::RegExp::ParseException::ParseException(const std::string&)
    ../text/RegExp.h:46: note:                 IXE::Text::RegExp::ParseException::ParseException(const IXE::Text::RegExp::ParseException&)

    I cannot figure it our by myself, for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    Atanas Chanev

    • Atanas Chanev

      Atanas Chanev - 2007-11-15

      Just to let you know that I solved the problem. If I avoid using '+' for concatenating strings to obtain the argument of the constructor of ParseException, I do not get this error.

      Atanas Chanev


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