#126 wx port - Add windows like toolbar

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Jan Bücken

This patches depends on the patches in
3288648 Patches wx port - make SPUmode changable

I added a toolbar similar to windows using the windows button images. For now I share them with the windows port.

The other patches are offtopic fixes.


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  • Jan Bücken

    Jan Bücken - 2011-05-17

    The descriptions to the patches are locatet in the patches itself. The patches are based on each other according to there number-prefix.

  • Jan Bücken

    Jan Bücken - 2011-05-17
    • milestone: --> Latest SVN
  • Jan Bücken

    Jan Bücken - 2011-05-17

    I forgot to say that 0001 up to 0003 replaces the old cleanup patch from bug
    "3288648 Patches wx port - make SPUmode changable".
    So only svn rev4012 is needed.

  • Jan Bücken

    Jan Bücken - 2011-05-19

    The 0007 patch _idea_ should work against rev4014, too. But after I tried to apply the patch directly, it fails.
    This pause desmume in the open dialog and fixes hanging sound if a _new_ rom is loaded.

  • Jan Bücken

    Jan Bücken - 2011-05-22

    At the moment the wx port "forget" the gap size after rotating (sometimes some more rotations are necessary). My proposed fix does not work correctly, thus I deleted it here...

  • Magliocchetti Riccardo

    • assigned_to: nobody --> riccardom
  • Magliocchetti Riccardo

    Applied 0001-0004, the two line fix from 0006, most of 0007 and 0008.

    0005-wx-Add-windows-like-toolbar.patch, afaict will work only if you call ./wxdesume from src/wx/
    0004-wx-Add-window-icon.patch was broken for the same reason, should be fixed in svn anyway

    So you could you please rediff the 0006 clear list functionality (which you added in the same patch as the two line fix) and top of that a working 0005?


  • Magliocchetti Riccardo

    Oh well, applied 0006 too. So only 0005 is missing.

  • Jan Bücken

    Jan Bücken - 2011-06-05

    Thats fine. But I'm busy for the next weeks. Will look into 0005 if I'll find some time.

    A hint to 0007: I toggled the execute mode (thats missing in svn) because then the enabled / disabled icons in the toolbar are consistent to the play / paused / rom-loaded status. But I think I can adapt another solution to 0005: I could test if a rom is loaded even if NOT "dialog.ShowModal() == wxID_OK". Whatever you prever.

    Maybe the execute=true/false; SPU_Pause(false/true) can go in functions "pause" and "unpause" (like in all other ports, e.g. in the gtk and gtk_glade port this is desmume.h). Thus then this code could be shared between all ports ( I'm a friend of it). And then we can use a wxpause and wx unpause function that toggles the menu and toolbar entries. This is a suggestion for the future. Just to make the code more clear.

  • Jan Bücken

    Jan Bücken - 2011-06-26

    > 0005-wx-Add-windows-like-toolbar.patch, afaict will work only if you call
    ./wxdesume from src/wx/

    As far as I can see there are to ways to solve this: First: install the bitmaps on each platform and use the path to the icons there. Second: Compile them as xpm files into the binary. The last solution seems to be more common (All HOWTOS I found does it like this).

    Thus the rebased patch N002 expects N001 (it stores the bitmaps as xpm files in src/wx/bitmaps). I only tested it under linux, but I used the "wxBITMAP" macro. So it should work with windows and mac, too.

  • Jan Bücken

    Jan Bücken - 2011-06-26

    The N003 adds an option in the view-menu to make the toolbar optional. I had again a look at the windows GUI for it.
    For now, this option is not saved in the config file, but this is true for many other options in the wx GUI.

  • Jan Bücken

    Jan Bücken - 2011-06-26

    Ok, N004 and N005 implement the support to save the setting.

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