external links not working

  • Anonymous - 2011-03-06


    I just installed Viki and tried it. I have a problem: external links don't work. As an example, this link:


    gives that error:

    Error detected while processing function viki#MaybeFollowLink..<SNR>31_FollowL
    line   19:
    E605: Exception not caught: Viki: Please define g:vikiOpenUrlWith_http or g:vi
    Error detected while processing function viki#MaybeFollowLink..<SNR>31_FollowL
    line   29:
    E171: Missing :endif
    Error detected while processing function viki#MaybeFollowLink:
    line    8:
    E171: Missing :endif

    On the other hand, [] does work as expected, asking to create a file "foo".

    This behaviour was obtained after installing tlib and viki using the most recent versions found in http://www.vim.org/scripts/ as of today.

  • Tom Link

    Tom Link - 2011-03-06

    There exists no default definition of either g:vikiOpenUrlWith_http or g:vikiOpenUrlWith_ANY for your OS or desktop environment. Please check the file autoload/viki.vim for the list of default definitions. *_ANY is defined at about line 350. The variable's value is a format string where %{FILE} is replaced with the full file name. You'll probably have to define one for your environment.



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