Ctrl-] causes E433: No tags file

  • James Bowlin

    James Bowlin - 2009-07-25

    I can navigate hyperlinks with \vf but if I try to use Ctrl-] I get these two error messages:
    E433: No tags file
    E426: tag not found: $LINKED_PAGE
    Press ENTER or type command to continue

    Where the hyperlink is of the form [[$LINKED_PAGE]]

    This is a fresh install of viki with Vim version 7.2 running on Gentoo Linux.  I can use Ctrl-] to navigate the help system with no error.  Up until now I've had no need to use tags or create a tags file.

    • Tom Link

      Tom Link - 2009-07-25

      Ctrl-] isn't used by viki and should still be mapped to :tag (see :h ctrl-]).

      In order to open the hyperlink with viki, you could also use ctrl-cr. You should be aware though that the variable usually isn't expanded by viki. If you want to make the destination dependent on an environment variable, you could define an "interviki" (see :h viki#Define()) and set the destination on startup.


    • James Bowlin

      James Bowlin - 2009-07-25

      Ah.  Thanks for the quick reply helping me with my stupid mistake.  I learned about Viki from the Byte of Vim book.  I'm very impressed that Viki can be used to write an entire book.


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