• Bernhard Grotz

    Bernhard Grotz - 2009-01-04

    Hi people!

    I used viki and deplate for a while for a while and it worked great. Yesterday I wanted to test the presentation.html - theme, and till now i didn't get it to work. Theoretically the syntax should be something like "deplate --theme=presentation.html ...", doesn't it?

    The theme with all it's folders is located in ~/.deplate.

    The call written above just produces usual html-slides. What am I doing wrong / how could I get a presentation layout similar to ?

    Thanks for help,


    • Tom Link

      Tom Link - 2009-01-04

      If you run deplate -h, is presentation.html included in the list of themes?

      Did you set the allow parameter? You might need to add "s", e.g. by adding one of the following lines to ~/.deplate/deplate.ini:

      allow s
      allow all

      If you run deplate with the --debug command line option, you should get more verbose output that could provide additional hints.


    • Bernhard Grotz

      Bernhard Grotz - 2009-01-05

      Great, it works! Adding "allow all" in ~/.deplate/deplate.ini was the right tip. Thanks!


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