''"blah"'' leeds to \texttt{``blah``}

  • Andreas Cahen

    Andreas Cahen - 2009-05-15


    I need to write some text with the typewriter font, i.e. to explain some code, instead of using the #Code id=Foo syntax=ruby <<---
    Now when I compile the text it renders \texttt{``foo=bar``} instead of \texttt{"foo=bar"}.

    Is this a bug or can I tweak it somewhere?

    Thanks for the help!


    • Tom Link

      Tom Link - 2009-05-15

      I'm used to using the german package when editing latex files. IIRC the german package uses quotes for all sort of things and declares quotes as invalid characters when used for something else. That's why quotes are replaced with `` in latex.

      Anyway, I'd suggest to create a file {PROJECT_DIR}/deplate.rc/after/fmt/latex.rb:

      class Deplate::Formatter::LaTeX
          def formatter_initialize_my

      This should prevent deplate from replacing the quotes. It might be necessary to enable certain "allow" flags like "r".



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