Problem when compile the example

  • huashuai

    huashuai - 2008-04-12

    I just started to learn deplate. I tried to compile the code given in Example 10.12 about the Inline Latex region with the command:

    deplate -x -X test.txt

    But I can't get the result given in the manual. And I guess the command is wrong, can you give me a hint? The code in Example 10.12 is following:

    #Set: InlatexExampleClip <<EOC
    #Inlatex inline! id=InlatexExample sfx=jpeg bh=27 bw=79 <<EOI
    $\sum_{i=n}^{n} \rotatebox{90}{$x_{i}$}$

    This is a test ({get: InlatexExampleClip}) of a clipped Inlatex region
    as an inline graphic.

    #Inlatex id=InlatexExampleXY <<-----
    U \ar@/_/[ddr]_y \ar@/^/[drr]^x
    \ar@{.>}[dr]|-{(x,y)} \\ & X \times_Z Y \ar[d]^q \ar[r]_p
    & X \ar[d]_f \\ & Y \ar[r]^g & Z }
    #CAP: An example from the xypic-user guide

    • Tom Link

      Tom Link - 2008-04-13

      Do you get an error message? There should a few files be created in the current directory:

      $ ls
      InlatexExample.01.jpeg  InlatexExample.tex*  test.html*      InlatexExampleXY.01.jpeg  InlatexExampleXY.tex  test.txt*

      Are you able to compile the tex files from the command line? How exactly does it fail?

    • huashuai

      huashuai - 2008-04-13

      Sorry for providing not enough information.

      I checked it again, and I found the problem is in the tex files. The line contains
      "\usepackage[]" is not converted corrently. The tex file looks like this:

      $\sum_{i=n}^{n} \rotatebox{90}{$x_{i}$}$

      The line with "+++disabled+++" make it fail. So what's the problem? Did I use the wrong command?

      • Tom Link

        Tom Link - 2008-04-13

        You also have to allow "t".

        If you convert only your own files and can trust the input, you could add the following statement to ~/.deplate/deplate.ini

        allow r,t,x,X,l

        See also:

        I admit this shouldn't happen because the usepackage isn't user input in the document source but is inserted by the formatter and should thus be trusted anyway.

        • Tom Link

          Tom Link - 2008-04-13

          Ok, I reviewed the example. It actually is user input and that's why it is filtered unless you allow "t" ~~ unfiltered latex input.

        • huashuai

          huashuai - 2008-04-13

          Thanks so much, tlink. I can move on to learn deplate


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