#Quote inserts empty lines in LaTeX

  • PILCH Hartmut

    PILCH Hartmut - 2008-06-19

    The Quote environment seems broken, starting from v 0.8.1.  It was fine in v 0.8.0.

    In LaTeX, an empty line is inserted between each two lines.  This in itself seems undesirable, but it leads to complete failure when such an empty line is inserted in the middle of a Deplate macro.

    I'm trying to repair this by patching the Ruby sources, but I'm not very familiar with these sources.

    Any suggestions?

    • PILCH Hartmut

      PILCH Hartmut - 2008-06-19

      I have now changed deplate/fmt/latex.rb by simply disabling the wrapping in the Quote environment.

      I'll publish a patch at


      where I maintain the Deplate RPM package for my opensuse meta-distribution.

    • Tom Link

      Tom Link - 2008-06-19

      It seems the problem stems from format_quote() in latex.rb. The body gets wrapped twice and thus inserting the extraneous newlines. The easiest solution would be to remove the call to wrap_text():

      def format_quote(invoker)
              env = invoker.args["long"] ? "quotation" : "quote"
              # elt = wrap_text(invoker.elt)
              elt = invoker.elt
              format_environment(invoker, env, elt)

      I'm not sure if this is a more subtle problem though. I'll have to check when this problem was introduced but this could take a while.

    • PILCH Hartmut

      PILCH Hartmut - 2008-06-19

      This problem is quite pervasive.

      I've had to disable wrap_text in a lot of places in latex.rb in order to get texts compiled that compiled without problems in v 0.8.

      There seems to be a cumulation of line-wrapping.

      In any case, I don't see any merit in wrapping what doesn't need to be wrapped in a latex text.  If the author of the deplate source text doesn't want it wrapped in the source, why should he want it wrapped for LaTeX?

      • Tom Link

        Tom Link - 2008-06-19

        Could you please send me a sample input file so that I can better understand these problems?

        Most newlines are stripped when reading the input (with the exception of verbatim, native etc.).

    • Tom Link

      Tom Link - 2008-07-07

      For the records, you should be able to switch off line wrapping by setting wrapMargin to 0.

      #VAR: wrapMargin=0

    • Brett

      Brett - 2008-07-09


      I'm having the same problem with footnotes.

      For the record
      #VAR: wrapMargin=0

      does not do anything for me.

      I second the suggestion above -- I don't wrap my txt files, and I don't want my tex files wrapped either.

      • Tom Link

        Tom Link - 2008-07-09

        The problem with not wrapping tex files is that certain implementations of tex have a limit on the line size. Basically, that's the reason why deplate does all this wrapping in the first place.

        It's possible that you'll also have to set
        #VAR: wrapMarginInner=0

        The wrap method currently is in a state of flux.

        I'll check the footnote problem. My test cases ignore whitespace which in general is a good thing but is also the reason why this problem passed unobserved.

      • Tom Link

        Tom Link - 2008-07-09

        The version in CVS is supposed to solve this problem. Maybe somebody could give it a try.

    • Brett

      Brett - 2008-07-11

      I checked out the CVS version, built the gem, and installed it (I'm a ruby newb, so that was easiest).

      And it works! Cool. Thanks.

      • Tom Link

        Tom Link - 2008-07-11

        Thanks for testing.

        In the meantime, I released 0.8.3 which should be the CVS version you checked out.

        In general, the CVS version should be good. It's possible though that new features change until the next release.


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