Robert Wyatt - 2008-05-16

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Are you on a PC? The Unix error is slightly different, but I think it has the same meaning. When DH starts, it checks to see if the daemon is already running by looking for the designated file containing DH's own process id, if not, it adds this designated file into the system with the process id of the daemon (I'm thinking that on a PC /var/lock/subsys/denyhosts is this designated file). When DH terminates normally, it removes this file, but when DH is manually killed or the system crashes and thereby abnormally terminates the daemon, the file is not removed. As a result, DH finds the file when it next attempts to start and refuses to do so with the messages you cite. If your situation is such that you had an abnormal termination of the daemon, then all you need to do is remove the file and then try to start the daemon again. Please note that I don't run DH on a PC so I'm not 100% sure that this is your issue. Assuming that this is your issue, you would use "sudo rm /var/lock/subsys/denyhosts" to remove the file.