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CVS not updated, ebuild on berlios.

The CVS is not longer updated instead the subversion repository at is being updated. Also, in order to track downloads the ebuild is only available from the berlios project page.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-03-11

Denu 2.3.1

This release of denu cleans up the code, introduces builtin support for non-portage distros and also support for gnome 2.10 and IceWM. It also now include an install file, .

Posted by Anonymous 2005-03-11

Denu 2.0

Denu has now been reworked and runs off of a pygtk gui. It works better than ever check it out. Screenshots are available on the homepage

Posted by Anonymous 2004-12-21

Denu 1.6

Now Denu properly supports icons in Waimea. It also supports multiple icons per package.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-19

Denu 1.5

We now have released version 1.5 with gnome and kde support. It also supports icons in these menus. Come have a download and try it out.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-12

Denu 1.1

Now as per request on the gentoo forums Waimea support is brought to denu. See the release notes for instructions.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-05

Denu 1.0

Denu is a portage based menu generation system. With an online database providing updates the system can be kept current with just one command. Now featuring fluxbox and openbox support we are on our way to supporting many WMs. With 1.0 we have created a WM blind structure generator to maximize flexibility in menu generation.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-04

Denu 0.9

I just released a new version of denu. To install either use use the ebuild or extract the source to /. It has the file structure within the archive. The ebuild is experimental and may not work. Any tips would be helpful.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-08-29

Denu 0.8

The first public version of Denu is released. In its baby stage it needs dedicated users to add program info right from denu. Simply denu addprgm. Remember denu is for fluxbox as of now. It also requires portage(a main feature of Gentoo Linux). Thanks for your interest.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-08-27