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DemocraKey 4 Codenamed X

The DemocraKey now has its own launcher. Download the new installer, and extract to the base of your key, external hard drive, or even your desktop. You'll be able to surf anonymous, encrypt files, and send secure email! All from the comfort of a nice GUI.

Posted by Kirk 2010-09-01

Announcing DemocraKey LiveCD

The DemocraKey is now available as a LiveCD. Based on OpenSUSE, the DemocraKey LiveCD is a bootable portable privacy suite. Burn the ISO as a CD, and reboot your computer. You'll have a completely secured environment to surf the internet, and diagnose any problems with your host computer.

Included Software:

Firefox with CookieCuller, FlashBlock, and TorButton
Vidallia, TOR, and Polipo
Pidgin with Off the Record
Thunderbird with Enigmail
Wireshark... read more

Posted by Kirk 2010-08-18

DemocraKey V3.0 Released

DemocraKey V3.0 has been released, and it now includes full support for Windows Vista. There is both a Lite and Full Edition, available in the files section. This release fixes the "unable to connect" error. If you're still using an anonymous proxy server, stop and try this instead.

Posted by Kirk 2009-09-24

DemocraKey V2.0 (Beta) Released!

This is our first public release of the DemocraKey, a portable privacy and security suite. This beta incorporates an improved Torpark (Running Firefox 2.0), Portable Firebird with GPG, and Clamwin Portable for enhanced security on untrusted computers. Runs from an iPod, USB key, or even a digital camera.

Posted by Kirk 2007-02-08