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Material Flow Calculations

Demetrix status report explains, how simple material flow calculations can be performed in demetrix. Further, in this report, the future of demetrix is discussed.

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-05-09

demetrix GPLed

Starting with the next release, demetrix will be distributed under the GPL. This will exclude the use of demetrix in proprietary software systems.

The arguments for putting demetrix under GPL are explained in .

I expect demetrix to become a product with "significant unique capability" in the foreseeable future.

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-02-06

Corrected coverage figures

Due to an error in the coverage determination script, wrong coverage numbers were obtained.

Correct coverage numbers are given at

Sorry for giving misleading information.

Coverage statistics

Test case coverage (lines of code): 48 %
Test case coverage (branches): 54 %
Files: 72
Lines of code: 1789
Coverage report file/directory: 2004_01_24_coverage

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-01-24

demetrix has 63 % test coverage

At the moment, demetrix test cases cover 63 % of total lines of code, or 71 % of all branches.

For details, see

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-01-22

demetrix-0.0.3 released

Following tasks were implemented in demetrix-0.0.3:


92281 Primitives in JavaBeanBasedDemetrixPropertiesHolder
92286 IntegerProperty
92279 JavaBeanBasedDemetrixPropertiesHolder

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-01-17

demetrix-0.0.2 released

demetrix-0.0.2 was released.

Following tasks were implemented and bugs fixed in demetrix-0.0.2.


91386 PNG export
91760 Delete log files
91520 SwingWorkers for lengthy tasks
91765 build file
91743 Implement FileProperty


868435 Logging doesn't work
876804 FilePropertySwixMLRepresentation: directory error
876852 System balance sheet

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-01-16

Repaired the homepage

The CVS import corrupted some binary files of the homepage. Now the homepage works again (CVS revision corrected-2004-01-15).

Sorry for the incoveniences.

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-01-14

Release service-level-bugfix-876852

The CVS release "service-level-bugfix-876852" contains a bugfix of the bug #876852 (System balance sheet).

Many files had to be modified and several new test cases were added.

More details about the bug are available at .

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-01-14

Demetrix source put under CVS

Now the source code of demetrix is available via CVS.

At the moment, there are following modules in the demetrix CVS tree:


The latter contains the Apache Forrest source of the homepage.

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-01-11

New homepage

The design of the demetrix homepage was improved.

Now it has a sidebar and a nicer layout.

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-01-11

demetrix-0.0.1 released

Posted by Dmitri Pissarenko 2004-01-07

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