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deltasql 1.8.1 has search query management as new feature

deltasql is a database versioning software and a script collection management tool.

The newest release 1.8.1 easies life for users who do lot of searches among scripts.
When users do search, the query is stored and listed. Users can click on the lists
'Last 10 Searches', 'Top 10 Searches'. They can flag a query as favorite, if they think
they will use it more often. Queries are automatically named with the criteria used
but users can rename the search query at their wish.

People who use deltasql as script collection tool, or to store a log of all queries
they run in a day will find this feature very useful.

Posted by dangermouse 2017-01-10

deltasql on a Raspberry Pi

In the forum, there are instructions on how to install deltasql server on a Raspberri Pi 3:
The Raspberry Pi consumes only about 5W of power, running it through the year means a lot of savings compared to a normal server which consumes about 500W of power.

This means deltasql server runs on the Apache and mySQL, which in turn run on an ARM microprocessor. In other words: it is possible to install deltasql also on your cell phone :-)

Posted by dangermouse 2016-07-15

deltasql 1.8.0 by Davide Radice is PHP 7 and PHP 5.6 compatible

Thanks to a kind effort made by Davide Radice, we are proud to release deltasql 1.8.0 which is compatible and tested with PHP 7.0, 5.6, 5.4 and 5.3. It works with MariaDB or MySQL as well.

The PHP compatibilty is achieved using a slightly modified library named mydql2i by Dave Smith available from

Though we did an effort to test this new release, we welcome feedback on existing features if they should not work in 1.8.0.

Posted by dangermouse 2016-03-01

1.7.0 officially supports Microsoft SQL server

1.7.0 released today officially supports Microsoft SQL Server (among PostgreSQL, Oracle and mySQL). Additionally, deltasql 1.7.0 installs by default a test data set to simplify the learning process.

Posted by dangermouse 2014-06-19

1.6.3: tools to create and manage SQL scripts

deltasql 1.6.3 ships with two new tools which help to create SQL scripts based on exported files in comma separated value format (.csv). They are useful when managing third party applications which require configuration via GUI, or generally when customers send data to be loaded into the managed application.

The two tools support creation of INSERT scripts, and of INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE scripts based on .csv exported from your SQL client. This in case your SQL client does not have an SQL export feature, or if you want to record configurations changes on big applications mantained and developed by a third party. In such case, you would export the db table before doing the changes as .csv, and after doing it. The provided tool will generate automatically an SQL script with the changes, the script can then be submitted to deltasql in the usual way.... read more

Posted by dangermouse 2013-09-02

1.6.2: intelligent branch selection :-)

deltasql 1.6.2 ships with logic to select only the branches valid for a given project. This is used when submitting or editing scripts. When synchronizing, only valid tags/branches are shown in the synchronization form. The three listboxes of the synchronization form adapt dynamically, as done with the Freepascal deltaclient. The feature is achieved with AJAX technology. These two features help to reduce the amount of human errors when using deltasql in a complicated environment with many branches and tags.... read more

Posted by dangermouse 2013-07-04

1.6.1: navigation with frames!

deltasql 1.6.1 enhances the navigation experience by adding a navigation bar on the left. This was a long awaited feature and we are glad to finally release it :-)

The deltasql website at was rewamped, too!

Posted by dangermouse 2013-05-10

Main website moves to

The main website of Deltasql is now moved to
Please take notice, have fun :-)

Posted by dangermouse 2012-12-07

1.5.4 with PHP 5.3 support / git repository changed

Release 1.5.4 adds the long awaited support for PHP 5.3. Especially people who installed deltasql via XAMPP should benefit from it.

Please note that due to the sourceforge project upgrade, the git repository of deltasql changed to git://

With the project upgrade, we will try out the Forum feature of the site again :-)

Posted by dangermouse 2012-09-20

1.5.0 with charting features

deltasql is a control version system for database schema.

deltasql 1.5.0 contains charts to see how deltasql improves over time. It is possible to see how many scripts are added
each month and how many synchronizations are performed. A top ten page shows the best developers writing new scripts
and the best release managers performing most synchronizations.

Minor features include a changelog feature which shows which is the latest deltasql release and the ability to edit scripts
when they are shown. Other minor enhancements and the removal of the unused phone home functionality round off this release.

Posted by dangermouse 2012-04-03

1.4.3 with email notification feature

deltasql is a system to version database schemas.

1.4.3 ships with a new feature: users who opt in, will receive an email notification each time a new script is inserted in deltasql.

This feature should easy the introduction in deltasql, where the development is currently done via emails. Users who are confident with deltasql will use it straight away, other users who are not conviced by deltasql strength can opt-in the email notification feature.... read more

Posted by dangermouse 2012-02-08

Patch for deltaclient 1.4.0 available

There is a patch available in the Files section of the project page for the deltaclient for Windows. It fixes a stability problem with the .conf files and it allows the user to select the database type.

Posted by dangermouse 2011-09-15

New video tutorial: how to install server

A new video tutorial revealing in 11 minutes the secret of installing the deltasql server has been published :-)

Posted by dangermouse 2011-09-02

New deltaclient ships with 1.4.0

Deltasql is a server/client architecture to manage submission of SQL scripts by several developers and to version any kind of database schema.

Version 1.4.0 includes a new multipurpose client written in Freepascal/Lazarus targeting the Windows XP, 7, Vista platform. The client features dynamic project/branches selection and automatic copy to clipboard of generated scripts.

Other changes include security improvements and better support for people upgrading from previous versions.

Posted by dangermouse 2011-08-24

deltasql 1.3.6 ships with major features

deltasql 1.3.6 ships with a lot of major features which were not covered by the previous 1.2.x line:
- advanced synchronization algorithm which supports branching including branches of branches and tagging
- ability to track edited scripts and to see their differences in a wiki-like style
- RSS feed with latest scripts
- updated documentation including a set of 7 tutorial videos explaining how deltasql works

Posted by dangermouse 2011-05-11

1.3.0: New sync algo for branches and tags

Deltasql 1.3.0 ships with a brand new synchronization algorithm which handles branches of branches, tagging and upgrade from production to development schemas.

Posted by dangermouse 2010-12-30

1.2.1: Continouus Database Integration

Deltasql server was reviewed in an article by Tim Hustler named "Database source control: map those changes!" available at

Release 1.2.1 contains an improved Linux/Bash client which allows deltasql to perform continouus database integration (see for more info).

In the 1.1.1 release important fixes were made, in particular in the validation part of the synchronization step, and on the deletion of projects, modules and branches.

Posted by dangermouse 2010-11-04

deltasql 1.1.0 released

deltasql is a tool that helps a team of developers to manage and version their database schemas, both for development and production.

Release 1.1.0 includes a bash client for the deltasql server, which in conjunction with database binding scripts can be used to implement continouus database integration.

Roadmap: we plan a deltasql client to export scripts as single files for usage in dbdeploy-like tools.... read more

Posted by dangermouse 2010-09-18

1.0.6: a Google gadget for deltasql

deltasql is a tool that helps a team of developers to manage and version their database schemas, both for development and production.

deltasql 1.0.6 adds coloured rows to show the age of scripts and records now also the timestamp of when a new script is submitted to the deltasql server.

However, the main feature of deltasql 1.0.6 is a gadget for your Google start page. The gadget shows the latest submitted scripts and provides useful links to the deltasql server.... read more

Posted by dangermouse 2009-11-06

1.004: Branch of branches is allowed now

deltasql is a tool to manage your databases while the source code is growing.

Version 1.004 allows the creation of branch of branches (by duplicating them).

The script management was improved:
1.004 records when a script was modified and by whom. It is possible to search between scripts in a given time interval (added with 1.003). Confirmation before deleting scripts is now required (with 1.002).

There were several documentation improvements.... read more

Posted by dangermouse 2009-01-09

1.001: Support for Sybase and MS SQL Server and minor fixs

deltasql is a tool to manage your databases while the source code is growing.

The deltasql clients also support Microsoft SQL server and Sybase via jTDS driver (a sourceforge project that implements the JDBC driver for the mentioned database types).

The schema name was removed, as it was creating confusion. The possibility to specify another user as root user was added to the install procedure. The test data script is running correctly now.

Posted by dangermouse 2008-10-22

1.000 released :-)

deltasql is a tool to collect SQL scripts and to apply them to several different databases.

This is the changelog for version 1.000:
Project module management was improved with the possibility to delete modules and has less confusing navigation. User management was improved with the possibility to delete users for administrators. Error management was improved with bugfixes, more error types, and a link to error documentation if the format is HTML. XML can be exported for advanced deltasql clients.
The .tar.gz package has now the correct Unix end of line format.

Posted by dangermouse 2008-09-17

0.900: Top Ten Submitters List

deltasql is a simple yet powerful script management system for SQL. It is a sort of pendant for cvs in the database world.

0.900 fixes some bugs in the install procedure (for special purpose installations) and has a Top Ten Submitters List which can be enabled and disabled.

Posted by dangermouse 2008-08-12

0.850: easy install procedure

deltasql is a simple yet powerful script management system for SQL. It is a sort of pendant for cvs in the database world.

0.850 is released with the robustness of 0.810, and has a guided install procedure which does not require the user to setup the mySQL schema behind.

Posted by dangermouse 2008-07-10

0.809: production stage reached

deltasql is used in production now :-). The company we are working for (LogObject AG migrated seven of its customers to deltasql. deltasql currently mantains 740 sql scripts and 11 database branches for production schemas.

Posted by dangermouse 2008-05-21

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