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Delphi XML-RPC / News: Recent posts

Initialization SVN repository

Today has been initialized new SVN a repository. All data CVS has been converted by the program cvs2svn-2.3.0.

Operation on the organisation of further development is started...

Posted by DremLIN Ru 2009-09-23

New module dxmlrpc 2.0.0 released

This release is the starting point of a non backward
compatible line of Delphi XML-RPC. This is not backward
compatible to DelphiXml-Rpc 1.x.x because here is done a lot of renaming classes
and methods to make it more instructive to Delphi users.

The classes (e.g. from TArray to TRpcArray) are renamed
because of a TArray is a very common name and may be already
exists in a Delphi project with a completely other meaning.... read more

Posted by Immo Wache 2003-12-04