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DremLIN Ru
  • DremLIN Ru

    DremLIN Ru - 2010-09-29

    (About of my first results for Delphi2010 & Indy10 on 03/09/2009)

    Hello ALL.

    Today I received an e-mail:

    I noticed your post on the sourceforge forum (from over a year ago).  Have you been able to update the source code successfully for Delphi 10 / Indy 10?  If so, is there a way I can access the code?

    Thank you.
    Doug Clements.

    And I felt so ashamed that I forgot to show everyone the first results of adaptation of our project for Delphi 2009-2010 and Indy10. I talked about it long ago:
    Delphi XML-RPC: Current Status?

    Now I publish my answer, so you can use the results of my work:

    Thanx for interest with my work.

    Yes. I tried add unucode support (D2009-2010) in Delphi XML-RPC (http://sourceforge.net/projects/delphixml-rpc) and adapt this library for use with INDY10. And today I have this results:

    Project home page:

    You may get source codes here:

    Last revision #4: I have working application demo (See threaded client and threaded server).

    I'm sorry, but today I don't use Delphi 2010, and I freeze project.

    Now in current private project I use Delphi XML-RPC for D2006 with INDY10. It's XML-RPC Server as WinService. Server UpTime - 6 months - without problem.

    PS. Please visit Stefan Heymann's site: http://www.destructor.de/xmlparser/index.htm
    Stefan released new version of XML Parser for D2009-2010.

    • Good Luck,

    You can test and comment. Maybe someone is would be useful…
    I'll wait for reviews.


  • DremLIN Ru

    DremLIN Ru - 2010-09-29

    In this screenshot you may see:

    1 threaded XmlRpc Server and
    4 threaded XmlRpc clients         x   300 000 queries.

    Work time about 5,5 hours.
    Total Queries & Answers count - 1 200 000.

  • Alessio Pollero

    Alessio Pollero - 2014-10-30

    I'm interested in your work, since I have to migrate the component to the new Delphi XE7, but the repository you posted seems to be down : http://www.opensvn.ru/project/dbxmlrpc .

    Please let me know .



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