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1.7.3 release

A new bugfix release is ready.

The fixes are for the project settings dialog:
If the path is already part of the project throw a message box instead of just doing nothing.
Relative path' didn't work in project settings

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2015-09-07

1.7.2 release

The add-in was not compatible with Delphi 7 as Kerry Neighbour pointet out[1] (INTAProjectMenuCreatorNotifier not found).

This issue was addresses with this release so it's now compatible with Delphi 7, but with versions prior Delphi2007 (lowest version I have for tests) the popup over the project tree is now disabled.
Please inform me if Delphi2006 or lower has the above interface in the ToolsAPI.pas so I can re-enable the popup for those versions.... read more

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2014-04-28

Subversion 1.8

I just wanted to announce that version 1.7x of the TortoiseSVN Add-In is working with TortoiseSVN 1.8x and Subversion 1.8x without problems.

I would also love to hear about the points which motivate people to vote with just one star. Please create a new topic in the forum or create a new ticket when you have problems or things you don't understand.

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2013-07-25

1.7.1 release

There was a bug in a format string in version 1.7 resulting in an error saving a new file. This was corrected.

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2012-10-15

1.7 release

Half a year after version 1.6 version 1.7 got released with these changes:

* Compatible with Delphi 2009+ (the Unicode versions map DeleteFile to the PWideChar-version, using a PChar allows compilation)
* Deactivating some menu entries if no project is loaded
* The caption of the Diff, Log, Conflict and ConflictOk entries is now set earlier (no more "ActionItem1" entries if no project is loaded)
* If a file is renamed it is no longer treated as modified (so no more "Unit1.pas changed...")

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2012-10-05

2 years of TortoiseSVN Add-In for Delphi

This project is now two years old and I would like to congratulate myself for that. ;-)

The user rating points out, that there are more people who like the project than those who don't. But there are still 40% who are not satisfied with the project in some way.
I would like to know the reasons for that.

Please add your wishes and bug reports to the project tracker so that I am aware of those points and can work on those.

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2012-05-16

1.6 release

One year after version 1.5 version 1.6 got released with these changes:

* "update to revision..." is now possible
* If a path is added via the project settings dialogue, it is now checked if it's relative to the project directory and the possibility to add the relative one is given.
* Fixed a NullPointerException
* Slightly changed notifier behaviour
* Adds itself to the help/about dialog

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2012-04-16

1.5 release

Version 1.5 just got released and these are the main changes:

* There is a GUI for the .tsvn-file to add additional folders.
* There is an about dialog showing the plugin version.

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2011-01-20

1.4 release

Version 1.4 just got released and these are the main changes:

* The menu now shows up a bit faster
* It is possible to define an ini-file named <ProjectName>.tsvn in the same folder as the *.dproj. All values in the [AdditionalDirs] section will get used if you use project-wide actions (like commit or update)

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2010-12-07

1.3 release

Version 1.3 just got released and these are the main changes:

* The entry in the editor popup was not shown sometimes.
* If some files share the same root, the root is used as a path so the same file is not shown multiple times.
* If a file is saved, all corresponding files (*.dfm files f.e.) are also treated as saved.
* It's now possible to "blame".

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2010-07-23

1.2 release

Version 1.2 just got released and these are the main changes:

* The project specific update, commit, etc. are now checking all related paths (like ..\..\MyUnit.pas).
* Supports right clicking on directories in the project tree.
* The detection of modified items is much more dependable.

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2010-06-30

1.1 release

Version 1.1 just got released and now adds an entry to the context menu of the source editor. Also the loading times are way shorter than with the first version but the context menu of a file in the project manager dialogue flickers when loaded for the first time.

Posted by Christoph Schwerdtfeger 2010-06-21