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Help wanted for final version

Delphamp Project needs some volunteer developpers with delphi skills for final Delphamp version. Write a e-mail to

David "pretender" Seck

Posted by David Seck 2007-09-04

Delphamp 2.02a

There is a new version of Delphamp. Check it out. You can read change log if you want.

Posted by David Seck 2004-07-12

New URL to access the Delphamp Project Home Page:

Posted by David Seck 2003-11-05

Delphamp 2.01a

New delphamp version with many changes, many bugs has been fixed, check the release notes for more informations.

Posted by David Seck 2003-11-03

help wanted

Delphamp Project needs some developpers with delphi skill. Write a e-mail to

Posted by David Seck 2003-10-14

Delphamp 2.0a

Finally, here it is, Delphamp 2 with a alpha release. It's has been completely redone, it's becoming a Winamp clone :) Now you can change the skin, and use Winamp skins! Try it out...

Posted by David Seck 2003-10-11


Sorry guys, but Kylekiller and I, have to stop working on delphamp for at least 1 month. After that Delphamp 2 will be published, so stay tuned.

Posted by David Seck 2003-08-16

New developer

No, Delphamp is not dead :) Kylekiller has juste joined me, so now we are a team. Delphamp 2 will probably come out soon, with many new features, so stay tuned...

Posted by David Seck 2003-03-11

Delphamp 1.3.2 is out

New version of Delphamp, Delphamp 1.3.2. What's new?
--- Removed the sort button
--- You can add more than one track at same time with the Open button
--- Fixed some bugs

Posted by David Seck 2002-10-30

Project Home page

The Delphamp Project Home Page is out now! Check:

Posted by David Seck 2002-10-18

New Release

Delphamp 1.3.1 is out, I fixed some bugs and added a sort-button.

Posted by David Seck 2002-10-13

New Release

Delphamp 1.3 is now avaible, with source of course, and the used components, last time if forgot them, sry:) Now what's new? :
--- Splash screen while Delphamp is loading
--- A icon in the taskbar
--- You can hide Delphamp
--- Playlist is saved in a extern file

Thanks to kylekiller for his help:)

Posted by David Seck 2002-10-12

1.3 coming soon

Delphamp 1.3 is coming soon with some great new stuff:)

Open Source Rules

Posted by Seck David 2002-10-10

New version

New version of Delphamp, fixed some bugs, source avaible.

Posted by Seck David 2002-10-06

New version

New version of Delphamp, changes:
--- Volume control
--- New skin
--- Fixed some little bugs
--- Added control, if Delphamp is already running, you can't run it twice

Posted by Seck David 2002-10-06

Help wanted

Im searching somme guys who could help me in my project. Contact me please:

Posted by Seck David 2002-10-05

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