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MindTouch Releases Deki Wiki "Jay Cooke" v8.05

Mozilla Selects MindTouch as Future Platform for Developer Community

San Diego, Calif., May 7, 2008 - MindTouch today announced the release of MindTouch Deki Wiki “Jay Cooke” v8.05––the latest version of its award-winning open source enterprise collaboration and integration platform. The Deki Wiki v8.05 release was driven in part by the requirements of Mozilla, which selected MindTouch for the upcoming re-launch of their Mozilla Developer Community.... read more

Posted by Damien Howley 2008-05-12

New Release: SGMLreader

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-12-09

MindTouch November Newsletter

In this issue

* Deki Wiki shared hosted service... errr... finally?
* New: Microsoft Outlook Connector (alpha)
* Update : Desktop Connector (new beta release)
* Another milestone


Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-11-28

Dream Asynchronicity Library

Dream Asynchronicity Library | MindTouch Blog

Steve delivers more goodness with another Dream technical write-up. This one is an introduction the Async class, which provides common methods for asynchronous programming. Enjoy...

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-11-25

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-11-22

Open Standards, Open Source, Open APIs

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-11-15

Dream Asynchronicity Timers

Among the many challenges of building reliable, asynchronous applications is the issue of timeouts. In the asynchronous world, there is no difference between an operation that never completes and one that simply takes a very long time. So, the application must enforce a time limit for how long it is willing to wait. However, here is the catch: most timeouts are for naught since under normal conditions operations complete and don’t timeout!... read more

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-10-12

Dream Asynchronicity Basics

MindTouch Dream is engineered to scale. A good way to preserve system resources when scaling is to use asynchronous operations when possible. Unfortunately in .NET, asynchronous operations tend to be hard and error prone. But with Dream, we introduced some very capable abstractions that restore sanity without compromising efficiency.

The two key tools offered are the Result and Coroutine classes. The former is the basic building block for coordinating with asynchronous operations and their results, the latter is a library of methods to use co-routines in C#. In this post, we’ll explore the Result class.... read more

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-10-12

Deki Wiki Desktop Connector

MindTouch Deki Wiki is a free open source wiki. Deki Wiki is an easy to use wiki and extensible enterprise and social application platform. Wiki community: www.OpenGarden.org. Support plans available for Deki Wiki: www.MindTouch.com. Wikiwiki more...

Now with the new Deki Wiki Desktop Connector organizing and adding file attachments to Deki Wiki is drag and drop easy. The Desktop Connector allows users to easily connect to Deki Wiki from a client side application that provides a familiar file explorer like interface. The Connector was built using Deki Wiki's REST-based API. It is free and open source. You can find the source code in the /tools directory of the SVN repo. It should serve as an excellent resource for developers looking to extend or integrate Deki Wiki. Or just download the installer here. And if you're interested in learning more visit the Desktop Connector page:... read more

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-09-11

SVN Repo Fixed

We're properly mirroring the SVN repo again. We had some re-orging that broke the mirror. Sorry about that. Enjoy!

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-09-03

Deki Wiki, NOW in 4 Languages

Thanks to the generosity and hard work of MindTouch's thriving open source community, aka the Gardeners, Deki Wiki has been translated to French, German, and Russian. We're in four languages, http://wiki.opengarden.org/Deki_Wiki/Languages , enjoy!

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-08-31

MindTouch Buttons

We've made some MindTouch and GetDekiWiki buttons available at: http://wiki.opengarden.org/Community/MindTouch_and_OpenGarden_Buttoms

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-08-18

New Support Plans

MindTouch Deki Wiki is free, download now, you can install in minutes. We even include the source code with the download for programmers. However, if you're using Deki Wiki in a production or mission critical environment you are definitely going to want a support plan from MindTouch. Don't worry though, our support plans are very reasonable. We've optimized our plans to suit the needs and budgets of all technical environments, user cases and organizations. Below is a break down of the support plans available. We're confident there is a plan that will both fit your needs and that you'll find affordable.... read more

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-08-15

Deki Wiki "Hayes" Release Page and Demo

Information as it breaks will be available here: http://doc.opengarden.org/Deki_Wiki/Release/Hayes

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-07-22

New VM + Source Zip

I put up a new Zip for the vm + source. It seems the algorithm I used when I compressed with 7Zip wasn't compatible with the tool built in to Microsoft Windows. This should correct the issue.

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-07-17

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is September 15. FREEDOM! I’m ecstatic to report that MindTouch, along with several other illustrious companies and organizations, is sponsoring the Software Freedom Day Foundation http://softwarefreedomday.org and we're also sponsoring the Software Freedom Day UNC-Chapel Hill team. Is there an SFD team in your town? If not consider starting one.

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-07-03

Hayes Beta 2.1

There's a new build of Hayes Beta 2 that was released last night (7/02). This was thanks largely in part to the Gardeners' in the forums at http://forums.opengarden.org . Thanks gang.

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-07-02

Hayes Beta 2 Released

With only a couple late nights we were able to push out Hayes Beta 2 last night. Download now [http://downloads.sourceforge.net/dekiwiki/dekiwiki-hayes-beta0.2.tar.gz], Release notes [http://doc.opengarden.org/DekiWiki/Release/Hayes_Beta_2]. It has a new WEB INSTALLER w00h000!

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-06-28

MindTouch Tech Talks

As you likely know, MindTouch is the commercial entity that supports DekiWiki. OpenGarden.org is the MindTouch sponsored developer community. Put simply MindTouch is to Redhat what OpenGarden.org is to Fedora. Anyway, we've been doing weekly tech talk video casts for the last couple of weeks. We'll continue to do a video cast weekly and you can find these at OpenGarden.org. The first can be found here: http://opengarden.org/community/blog/dekiwiki_hayes_architectural_overview and is a very high level talk about DekiWiki's new architecture in the Hayes release. The second can be found here: http://opengarden.org/community/blog/deki_hayes_live_data_services , which goes into what is likely the most exciting feature of the new architecture--Live Data Services. Enjoy.

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-06-24

DekiWiki Hayes Beta 2

There will be another Beta release of Hayes coming out in the next few days. We'd hoped to have something today, but PeteE who always does the final packaging has weddings today and tomorrow. In fact, our very own Corey Ganser is getting married this weekend. Congrats Corey and Pam! We plan to have Hayes Beta 2 Released Sunday or Monday. Thanks for you patience.

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-06-22

Free DekiWiki Hosting

Wik.is http://www.wik.is is a free DekiWiki hosting service and wiki community for individuals, schools, clubs and small businesses. This site offers a subset of the features available with Deki http://www.mindtouch.com/deki and DekiWiki http://www.opengarden.og . The current Wik.is build is the "Gooseberry" release, which is several releases old, but still very useful and fun to share with. MindTouch plans to update the bits as soon as possible, but Wik.is will likely only ever offer a subset of the entire feature set available from DekiWiki. It's easy to integrate a wiki into an existing website with Wik.is. Take a look at wiki.sdsic.org for an example. Start sharing today at http://www.Wik.is.

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-06-17

DekiWiki Pre-Release Hayes Beta

Announcing the prerelease of MindTouch DekiWiki: Hayes.

The Hayes release is shaping up to be the most significant release to date. There are a lot of very exciting new features and improvements. DekiWiki is now more than ever the most powerful platform for aggregating, creating, and sharing content and rich media. For the complete release notes download the TAR and view the README. Additional documentation can be found here: http://doc.opengarden.org/DekiWiki/Release/Hayes_Beta_0... read more

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-06-05

MindTouch DekiWiki: Hayes Beta Imminent

The much awaited MindTouch DekiWiki: Hayes release is currently being finished off. We plan to release a Hayes beta in the next 7-10 days and the official release will follow a few weeks later. For news about this release as it develops refer to the Hayes section of the DekiWiki Releases wiki page (http://doc.opengarden.org/DekiWiki/Releases). This is where I'll be posting the release notes as I author them. A few days ago I posted a high level list of new features and changes to said wiki page and I mentioned it would almost be easier for me to list what we haven't changed because so much of the application has been rewritten. The fruits of these very dramatic changes to the code base will be very evident in Itasca and future releases.... read more

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-05-24

MindTouch Announces an Open Web Initiative

MindTouch recently blogged about the need for an Open Web Initiative: http://opengarden.org/community/blog/open_web_initiative

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-04-06

MindTouch Dream: Crimson released

3/24/07 we released a new version of MindTouch Dream. This includes lots of improvements over the previous release. You can find the full release notes here: http://doc.opengarden.org/Dream/Roadmap/Crimson , SteveB's blog post on the topic here: http://opengarden.org/community/blog/dream_crimson_is_out.

SteveB released the MindTouch Dream Crimson version a couple days ago. There are some items of import folks should notice if they haven't already.... read more

Posted by Aaron Fulkerson 2007-03-27