I'm trying my hand at some custom c# extensions and though I'd start with the good old Hello World.  At first go, it wouldn't start and gave the error "unable to initialize service (blueprint not found)".  I changed the attributes to

        [DreamService("Hello World Extension Service",
                  "Copyright (c) 2007 MindTouch, Inc.",
                  SID = new string[] { "sid://mindtouch.com/2007/06/helloworld" }
    [DekiExtLibrary(Namespace = "samples", Description = "Samples Library")]
    [DreamServiceBlueprint("deki/service-type", "extension")]
and changed the SID in the control panel, but still nothing.  I complied and copied the dll into the api/bin/services and restarting the site in IIS.

What am I missing?

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