I have a prototype star rater running and would like some testers.  This is a DekiScript-based rater that uses page properties to store the ratings data.  This is intended to complement the PHP/database-based version that Baum is working on, not replace it.

Anyway, this is a mash-up of my SimplePoll template and the CSS-based star rater found here.  I am trying to figure out browser compatibility, so if anyone would like to go test it out please do, and report your results here or in the page comments.

If anyone is willing and able to help me sort out the inevitable IE incompatibilities, I would be most appreciative.  Other feedback on the rater is welcome as well.  I am still trying to figure out where is the best place to store the properties (one common page to store all ratings?)  You can't store the ratings data on the page itself, because the page might not be writeable, but it should still be rateable.

The purpose of this particular rater is to be trivially easy to deploy.  It will not be as robust as the PHP version that Baum is working on.

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