I have been encouraging other speech and debate clubs to use wikis, and now I'm starting to see some adoption.  The next step is for me to answer questions like "what do you use it for?", and "how do you do that?"  It occurred to me that my answers to that question might be useful to others.  In addition, I would be very interested in others answers.

My thoughts are that there could be a high level page that covers the wiki implementation in a story board fashion, perhaps including some usage stats and hosting details (OS, RAM, disk space, etc).  Some of the wiki specific templates/ideas could be documented underneath that in a similar manner to the existing app catalog but without cluttering the app catalog with non-general use templates.

Some examples of the non-general templates/concepts that I am talking about:A list of sub-pages with a character count for each page (used for research assignments to know how each page is progressing without visiting each page)
A set of templates to capture/organize news articles for an Extemp box (a speech and debate thing)
Display collections of speech and debate videos on you-tube

If done right, I also think this could be useful to mindtouch as a sales tool.

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