Our Deki frequently produces an internal error when adding tags, particularly when adding a "define:tag".

In the deki-api.log, there are many, many log entries of the form:
2009-09-10 15:48:10,506 [478] WARN  MindTouch.Dream.DreamHostService - ProcessRequest: feature not found(GET URI: local://b6f2d3b3d2324c69b8ab1d52c9b322f1/@api/deki/pages/28527?dream.in.uri=http://localhost:8081/ LOCAL: local://b6f2d3b3d2324c69b8ab1d52c9b322f1/@api/deki/pages/28527?dream.in.uri=http://localhost:8081/ PUBLIC: http://localhost:8081/ TRANSPORT: http://localhost:8081/\)

that appear to be related to adding tags. Am I correct in thinking that this warning is related to tagging problems?

Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

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