I have been kicking this around for a while but would like to hear some other points of views as well.

Is there any where that lists the most efficient method to retrieve certain data.  Take the following example.

If I wanted only the page titles and or URI for each subpage to a parent:

Would it be more efficient to use wiki.getpage or parse the title/URI out of a xml.text(wiki.tree...). 

In my head if we issue a wiki.getpage that page is rendered and would slow things down and the wiki.tree command is simply gathering specific data about the subpages and not rendering the pages so therefore should be more efficient. 

Or does the wiki.getpage simply return the unrendered text that would only get rendered when visualized?

Or am I completely off track.  keep in mind that I often have the gift of knowing how things SHOULD work.  And even more often the curse of not knowing how things ACTUALLY work.

This is simply one area of thought but one I think is used quite often by many people.

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