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DejaVu fonts 2.5 released

More than 700 glyphs were added in this release, including mathematical operators, Cyrillic, and various glyphs imported from Arev fonts. Visual improvements are made for Cyrillic in Serif and Arabic in Sans. TrueType hinting is also improved.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2006-04-16

DejaVu fonts 2.4.1 released

This is an intermediate release to fix the kerning issue in DejaVu Sans and Sans Bold with Pango.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2006-03-27

DejaVu fonts 2.4 released

In this release more than 1500 new glyphs were added including partial coverage of Arabic and full Greek Extended. DejaVu Sans and DejaVu Sans Condensed conform to MES-1. Some visual glitches are fixed and TrueType hinting improved. There is new experimental typeface DejaVu Sans ExtraLight and a whole new set of font families called DejaVu LGC which cover only Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts and are derived from regular DejaVu fonts.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2006-03-19

DejaVu fonts 2.3 released

In this release the right-shifted glyphs bug is fixed. More than 700 new glyphs were added including new Latin Extended-B, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian and Phonetic Extensions as well as many symbols. Total number of glyphs exceeds 1800. Some visual glitches are fixed and TrueType hinting improved.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2006-02-19

Migration from CVS to Subversion

Development of DejaVu fonts has migrated from CVS to Subversion.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2006-01-16

DejaVu fonts 2.2 released

In this release almost 190 new glyphs were added including complete set of basic Greek glyphs and Cyrillic glyphs. Many visual glitches are fixed and TrueType hinting improved.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2006-01-15

DejaVu fonts 2.1 released

In this release names of some TTF files changed to be more consistent with others - do not forget to remove old files before upgrading. This release also fixes major bug related to Sans Mono and GNOME as well as problem with vertical spacing, adds more than 90 glyphs (including many new diacritic marks) and improves TrueType instructions.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-12-18

DejaVu fonts 2.0 released

This release brings "italization" of Serif Oblique faces, allows to create wider range of glyphs by using new set of combining diacritical marks, improves TrueType instructions and fixes few bugs. It adds around 80 new glyphs, including complete (and improved) Greek in Serif faces.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-11-13

DejaVu fonts 1.15 released

Fixed yet another monospace bug, better visual appearance of some glyphs and improved TrueType instructions. 70 new glyphs including complete Greek in DejaVu Serif.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-10-16

DejaVu fonts 1.14 released

Fixed Windows-related Mono bug, buggy Venda glyphs and some other minor glitches. Added Uzbekian, Greek, IPA, Block Elements and other glyphs to Sans, Serif and some of them also to Sans Mono (total of 262 new glyphs). Added and improved TrueType instructions.

TrueType fonts are newly distributed also as a ZIP archive.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-09-18

DejaVu fonts 1.13 released

Added 15 new glyphs for Livonian and Venda languages. Fixed Microsoft Windows-related bug where fonts had no name.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-08-14

DejaVu fonts 1.12 released

Full Latin Extended-A support. Also added 'missing' glyph U+FFFD and box drawing glyphs (only in non-Oblique Sans Mono and Sans Mono Bold). There were also some visual and kerning fixes.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-07-31

DejaVu fonts 1.11 released

SuSE standard fonts were merged and characters with comma below were added which is a total of 16 new characters. There were also some kerning fixes.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-06-19

DejaVu fonts 1.10 released

Two new glyphs, cyrillic glyphs in DejaVu Sans Mono face are more distinguishable, DejaVu Sans faces have better kerning and DejaVu Sans Mono faces are more usable in text editors with ligatures switched on.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-05-22

QPF version of DejaVu fonts is no longer supported

Because DejaVu fonts are now part of OpenEmbedded-based distributions (like Familiar and OpenZaurus) official packages are no longer needed. See for more information.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-04-21

DejaVu fonts 1.9 released

Better Cyrillic glyphs from Arev Fonts were integrated. Four new characters were added.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-04-18

DejaVu fonts 1.8 released

Accents in Serif Oblique and Serif Bold Oblique were finally fixed.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-03-14

DejaVu fonts 1.7 released

Due to popular demand the Toga-like narrower DejaVu Sans Condensed and DejaVu Serif Condensed sub-families were added.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-02-13

QPF version of DejaVu fonts 1.6

Now in two files with shiny new fontdir. :)

Posted by Vasek Stodulka 2005-02-09

DejaVu fonts 1.6 released

Lots of fixed bugs: monospace typefaces are recognized as monospaced, fonts no longer report themselves as Bitstream and their appearance is now as close to original Bitstream Vera as possible (line height is the same as in original and even infamous "worse than Vera" bug was partially fixed).

Experimental Serif Oblique and Serif Bold Oblique typefaces were added. New glyph visiblespace (U+2423) was added, comma accent (U+0326) was made smaller and Cyrillic D and d were corrected.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2005-01-18

Opie version of DejaVu fonts 1.5

DejaVu fonts 1.5 in QPF format for Opie were added.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2004-12-20

DejaVu fonts 1.5 released

Full Cyrillic support, almost complete Latin Extended-A block and more. Total of 158 new characters.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2004-12-12

Opie version of DejaVu fonts 1.4

DejaVu fonts 1.4 in QPF format for Opie were added.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2004-10-27

DejaVu fonts 1.4 released

Polish characters (Aogonek, aogonek, Eogonek, eogonek, Nacute, nacute, Sacute, sacute, Zacute, zacute, Zdotaccent, zdotaccent) added.

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2004-10-09

DejaVu fonts 1.3 released

First step towards Cyrillics support by Danilo Segan (only Sans typefaces so far, Serif and Sans Mono are not yet done).

Posted by Štěpán Roh 2004-10-07

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