Hi! I'm a keen user of the DejaVu fonts, primarily because each font set covers so wide a range of unicode glyphs. I have noticed, however, that in the Latin Extended Additional area, glyphs consisting of a letter with a centred subscript dot do not print completely on any of our work HP Laserjet printers where 1200 times 1200 dpi is the default resolution. The alphabetical letter prints, but not the subscript dot.

But at home, my little HP Laserjet 1010 (default resolution 600 times 600 dpi) renders the glyphs perfectly.

Since I use these glyphs quite often, and in an academic context, it would be wonderful if they could print properly also at 1200 times 1200 dpi resolution.

Has my problem been registered by any other users? Is it the result of a bug, and if so can it be fixed so that I/we can have full and unlimited use of the DejaVu fonts?

John Arthur Smith

John Arthur Smith
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