On 10/12/2007, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot@laposte.net> wrote:

Le Lun 10 décembre 2007 10:42, Michael Everson a écrit :

> At 11:47 +1000 2007-12-10, Andrey V. Panov wrote:
>>On august Philipp H. Poll, the author of Linux Libertine Open Fonts,
>> sent me
>>changes to Sans and SansMono (only 2 typefaces) with u+1E9E and
>>redesigned "germandbls". I advised him to make changes to other fonts
>> and
>>create a bug report for "germandbls" but it was not any activity
>> after that.
>>Here I resend changes from him.
> I can't read a .sfd file so I can't see what those look like. But
> does this mean I should not try to provide U+1E9E?

As Andrey stated the submission was incomplete and therefore not merged.



Nicolas Mailhot


Any news on the sharp s? It would be nice to have it in the next release.

Gee Fung