#52 Patch for CWCEC Atlas Board

Bill Randle

This patch adds support for the Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC) Atlas/2A and Atlas/2B boards. These are PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) form factor boards that include an ATI M9 GPU, Connexant Bt878a, Analog Devices AD9882, and other assorted devices.

Summary of changes:
* Add new board type in TVFormat.{cpp, h}
* Add new input type (INPUTTYPE_SPI) for capturing progressive video on the SPI port of the Bt878 (this is different than the CCIR type input).
* Add support for DMA of progressive video with the Bt878 (modeled on the CX2388x code).
* Add support for programming the AD9882 RGB/DVI decoder chip, attached to the Bt878 SPI port.
* Add additional advanced settings for fine-tuning the AD9882 register settings.
* Add support for RGB16 overlay surface, needed for AD9882 capture.
* Some formatting changes (tabs to spaces, column alignment) in files I was editing anyway.

The diffs are against the latest CVS (as of this morning).

Bill Randle
Curtiss-Wright Graphics


  • Bill Randle

    Bill Randle - 2006-12-24

    patch for CWCEC Atlas board

  • Bill Randle

    Bill Randle - 2006-12-24

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    Corrections and additions to my original comments:
    * Add new board type in BT848Card_Types.cpp.
    * Add new RGB formats in TVFormat.{cpp, h}.
    * Change max capture size to 1024x768.
    * Customized CWCEC Atlas menu, that includes RGB TV formats and additional pixel width settings.


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