#24 Crash when using kerning


When using kerning (with DejaVu fonts) on a large sphinx document, I get this backtrace. On my test documents it works fine, so sadly I don't have a small self-contained snippet, maybe the backtrace will be helpful.

If it is not, then I will try to create something smaller.


  • H. von Bargen

    H. von Bargen - 2009-08-23

    Hmm. From the backtrace alone, I don't see why it is failing.
    Seems as if the TTF structure does not contain a "kern" table.
    It would help alot if you could provide a self-contained test script.
    Or, when the error occurs, add some code to output information about the font used (face name, file name, self.table.keys(), ...)

  • Roberto Alsina

    Roberto Alsina - 2009-08-31

    This is with the Droid fonts, and here's self.table.keys()

    ['GDEF', 'head', 'loca', 'name', 'post', 'OS/2', 'maxp', 'GPOS', 'FFTM', 'GSUB', 'glyf', 'cmap', 'gasp', 'hhea', 'hmtx']

    Looks like the problem is that TT fonts are not guaranteed to have a "kern" table?

  • H. von Bargen

    H. von Bargen - 2009-09-01

    This should be fixed now with revision 89.
    Roberto, can you please verify this is fixed?

  • H. von Bargen

    H. von Bargen - 2009-09-01
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Roberto Alsina

    Roberto Alsina - 2009-09-01

    No crashes anymore. Can't say I see any kerning, but if my fonts had kerning tables I wouldn't have seen the crashes either :-)

  • H. von Bargen

    H. von Bargen - 2009-09-01
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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