#72 Decal not closing previous plugin

Anthony Bennett

This is in regards to Decal beta

What is happeneing is that if you open one plugin and
then open a second WITHOUT closing the first, it is
displaying the 2nd plugin over the top of the 1st and
is not giving focus to the 2nd plugin.

This is most obvious with 6th Sense and ACArm since
the 2 windows are different sizes.

1) Open 6th Sense 2.01
2) Open ACArm 2.0
3) You will still see a portion of the 6th Sense
window underneath the ACArm window since it is wider.
You won't be able to click on anything in ACArm. If
you then click the still visible close box in 6th
Sense then you can use ACArm.

This problem is not restricted to these plugins, they
are just being used as an example.

Have tried changing to Hardware rendering but still
get the same problem.

Am running AC in 1152 x 864 resolution
Am running Win2K in 1600 x 1200 x 32-bit colour.

Windows version : Windows 2000 SP2
Internet Explorer version : IE6 with updates
Video Card : Creative TNT2 Ultra with NVidia 23.11
Detonator drivers
Decal version : beta
Messages.xml version : latest as of 4th Feb
Memlocs.xml version? : latest as of 4th Feb
Installed plugins and their versions : 6th Sense 2.01,
ACArm 2.0, True Sight 2.1, Imp Inventory beta,
Auto Sort 3.0, AC Monster 1.2, Monster Monitor 1.1,
Keba's Toolset, InstaOg, Pea Gimp
1.1, Scribe 1.1, Combater 1.4,
Installed filters and their versions : Imp Filter, Keba's Filter, the rest are the
filters Decal installed.
Steps to reproduce the problem : See above
EXACT error messages received : no error message


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    Same here.

    ATI Radeon 64mb ViVo

    Removed and re-installed Decal

  • Steen

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    I have the exactly same problem.

    ATI All in wonder 32 mb

    Uninstalled beta and then reinstalled

  • Bruce Cowart
    Bruce Cowart

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    Same Story here, using Win XP, 1024X768 both desk top and
    sherons call, ATI Radeon 7200 SDR, Biostar M7MIA w256 meg
    PC 2100, Athlon 1.2 gHz

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    I get the same problem, win2k pro

  • Bruce Cowart
    Bruce Cowart

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    Have switched to a nVidia Geforce 4MX board. Lacks some
    functionaality of other boards but problem noslonger
    exist. Aditional Plugin stay resident and funtional, just
    click on and they come forward and active.

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    having the exact same problem.
    WinXP, athlon 1700+XP, ATI 8500 64M, 256M system ram, res:
    1078x768 in both AC & my desktop...
    using version of memlocs.xml

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    I am experiencing the exact same bug.
    Windows XP, ATI 128 pro, latest everything...

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    Still the same problem with not closing previous plugin. It
    has not change with


  • Robert Beck
    Robert Beck

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    I'm having the same problem also. Had the problem since Hace plugin on screen...if another plugin pops up
    either automatically or if I click on it, the 1st one keeps
    the Focus, but the 2nd one shows on top. I have to xlose
    the 1st one to get the 2nd one to get the focus. AMD Athlon
    1600+ XP, Win2k Pro, 512MB DDRRAM, GeForce 2.

  • Adam Wright
    Adam Wright

    • status: open --> closed
  • Adam Wright
    Adam Wright

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    Fix commited to CVS, and should appear in the next release. If
    you can't wait that long, feel free to checkout source and build
    or pester someone in #acdev on irc.sorcery.net to send you an

    If this bug still occurs after the next release, please feel
    free to resubmit it with a note.

    Thanks for the report!