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I am making some changes and maintenance in my machines at home, so the server should be down/unstable at least for a week, as I get things tidied up for the next semester. I'll put it back working as soon as I can, and I also plan to release a new version (probably next month) making the client less dependent on the server to provide recommendations.

Posted by Diego Pereira 2007-07-18

Problems with DNS.

Well, I should have known ... the dynamic DNS service I was using dropped the entries I had in their system because they expired (yeah, right) :(
So, for the system to work again, you can change all the entries in the /etc/debommender.conf file pointing to to point to If you wish to upgrade the package via apt-get in the future, you should also change the /etc/apt/sources.list file in the same way. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Diego Pereira 2007-07-05

Changes in the recommendation engine

I've tweaked the recommendatio engine, based on some tests I've made on the data collected so far: the result of my tests were that a part of the algorithm was relatively useless, and that part did take a considerable amount of time to run. The final result was that the recommendations are now generated much faster.

Posted by Diego Pereira 2007-06-13

amd64 and bugs

Well, these are the ones for today:

* Beginning from yesterday, I added an amd64 build to the repository. Thanks go to Vitor ( for the tip.
* Seems like the server is still a bit wacky. In fact, I think mysql isn't fond of letting open connections to idle by for too long. This caused the server not having how to query the database for user profiles, after some time elapsed, and as a result, when asking for recommendations users ended up with a blank box in front of them. Sorry 'bout that, I'll go and fix this as quick as possible. Thanks for testing! :D... read more

Posted by Diego Pereira 2007-05-22

0.2 rolling out!

This version:

* Includes localization support for English and Brazilian Portuguese.

On a side note, the problems regarding the server should have been fixed by now, and debommender should be ready for you to use. Hurray!

More details at

Posted by Diego Pereira 2007-05-20

debommender version 0.1 is out!

The initial alpha version of the debommender client, 0.1, is complete and
ready for download. Please refer to the installation steps in the section bellow.
This version:

* Colects package usage information, automatically, and submits it to the server.
* Provides a basic user interface, in order to request and retrieve package recommendations.
* Is able to submit feedback information to the server, in order to improve recommendation accuracy. As of now, however, feedback is only being logged, because the server still lacks feedback support. Logged feedbacks will be fed onto the system as soon as feedback support is implemented (i.e. the feedback info you provide through the client won't be lost, and will be used later to improve recommendations).
* Is localized only for Brazilian Portuguese. An English version should soon follow.

Posted by Diego Pereira 2007-05-13