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Debaser Version 0.1 Released

Ilexis Software are happy to announce the first pre-alpha release of their password generation tool, Debaser, has been released. Debaser is a useful tool from anyone to the casual eShopper who needs one or two passwords for their shoping accounts, to the SysAdmin who needs to generate hundreds of passwords, extremely quickly.

Posted by bobbocanfly 2007-01-25

Change of Plan for Debaser

Ilexis Software have decided against using the Debaser name for the text encryption tool, as they were planning and have chose a different route for the project. The new Debaser application will be a powerful password manager and Ilexis already have plans for a password manager to be added to the software.

Posted by bobbocanfly 2007-01-25

Work Started on Debaser Online

The Debasr projects, started by Ilexis software, hase moved into the development phase. Development for Debaser Online, which will be the PHP version of Debaser, started yesterday though Debaser Standard, which will be written in either C# or J# is still in the planning phase. Ilexis Software hope to have an alpha version of Debaser Online out by the start of February.

Posted by bobbocanfly 2007-01-16