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Just a couple of bugfixes, but one of them is actually quite annoying.

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2005-06-08


If it works for you, no need to update. But this couple of bugs could be quite inconvenient, if you didn't have certain packages installed.

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2005-03-22


changes in 0.6: Deb-install has learned to recover from error, making the prospect of a compile aborting after two hours because of a missing file much less frightening. A place to abort can be specified as command line option, making human intervention possible in many places. Deb-install has gained support for slackware, tab-completion has improved, and lots of internal code improvements will hopefully make bugs rarer. Oh, and old configuration files aren't compatible...

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2005-03-13

we are on freshmeat

This is a bit late, but still: Since version 0.5, you can find deb-install on freshmeat as well. The project site is at:

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2005-02-09

0.5.1 (bugfix release)

This version does nothing but fix the bugs I stumbled upon while coding the next version (0.6) of deb-install. So there is more to look forward to...

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2005-02-09

new version 0.5

deb-install gained custom tab completion! I think this makes it considerably more useful, or at least more convenient to use. There aren't many points in the changelog, but they are all pretty important improvements.

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2005-01-31

version 0.4.2

published new version 0.4.2
Main improvement is the cleaner package versioning code, which should avoid some bugs I observed in the answers deb-install gives to the following questions: Is the package installed? In which version? Is an upgrade available? To which version?
A new option and a new configuration item added as well. See changelog for more details.
Put up a screenshot of the current version.

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2004-12-31

bugfix version+screenshot

Version 0.4.1 is out, mainly to fix a few bugs.
And a screenshot has been added, to show of the program.

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2004-11-28

news on project homepage

Many thanks to , the project homepage now shows projects news items such as this one. Neat. :-)

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2004-11-27

wiki is up and running!

After playing around with phpwiki without success, I tried out Mediawiki. And low and behold: It runs :-)
It seems to be reasonably fast, and I haven't spotted any bugs yet.
You can find the link on the project homepage, or go directly to

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2004-11-27

new main version

A new version of deb-install just got released. You can find all changes and the updated documentation on the projects homepage at:
Apart from the updated documentation the main improvements are: new options, update mode supports regular expressions, man page, generally more robust and smoother.
I would appreciate it very much if some people took the time to test it out, and tell me about things that don't work.

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2004-11-26


I have uploaded a simple homepage.
The main benefit right now is that you can view the program manual, without having to download the program itself.

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2004-05-09 (aka 0.3-pre1)

The first prerelease of the 0.3 version.
It has lots of cool new features (check the changelog).
The most important one though is probably the added manual, so that you can figure out what to do with the program. As fast as I figure out what I am doing wrong when trying to upload a website, I will make this manual directly accessible there.
So, now I would be glad to hear about all the things that do not work with the new version, so that I can fix them. :-)

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2004-04-11

I have put together a testsuite for deb-install now, to help avoiding regressions (and to keep me from introducing new bugs).
What's more, with I have changed project status to alpha, meaning it still may break under quite some conditions (especially under different architectures), but it should already be usable in the majority of cases.

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2004-01-22

Initial release

The initial release (0.2.1) has been uploaded today. Try it out, but keep it mind it is pre-alpha!

Posted by Martin Gerdes 2004-01-20

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