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Update Released

Fixed several bugs (both visual and logical). Also had to create a new installation project because the original was having some trouble with determining dependencies (probably resulting from the manual ripping out of the VSS bindings).

Please provide some feedback or let me know if you have made some improvements to the source (which would be pretty easy to do).

Posted by Citizen Robert K 2007-03-22

Visual SourceSafe

I have discovered that I forgot to remove the VSS binding from the source files before uploading them.

If you are having difficulty opening and editing the files, the following instructions should be helpful:

Project Directory: DearDiary

Locate and open in a text editor the following files:


In the solution (sln), remove the following:

GlobalSection(SourceCodeControl) = preSolution
SccNumberOfProjects = 3
SccProjectName0 = \u0022$/DearDiary.root/DearDiary\u0022,\u0020SEAAAAAA
SccLocalPath0 = ..
SccProvider0 = MSSCCI:Microsoft\u0020Visual\u0020SourceSafe
CanCheckoutShared = false
SccProjectFilePathRelativizedFromConnection0 = DearDiary\\ SolutionUniqueID = {21ADBC23-6D23-4879-8713-7C2B69419063}
SccProjectUniqueName1 = DearDiary.csproj
SccLocalPath1 = ..
CanCheckoutShared = false
SccProjectFilePathRelativizedFromConnection1 = DearDiary\\ SccProjectUniqueName2 = ..\\DearDiarySetup\\DearDiarySetup.vdproj
SccLocalPath2 = ..
CanCheckoutShared = false
SccProjectFilePathRelativizedFromConnection2 = DearDiarySetup\\ EndGlobalSection... read more

Posted by Citizen Robert K 2007-03-09

Feedback Requested

As of this writing, the Dear Diary installer and source show a total download count of 29. I am hoping to get some feedback as I continue to work on shoring up the known issues.

Also, if anyone want to contribute to their development skills, I will certainly consider their help.

Posted by Citizen Robert K 2007-03-06

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