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Alpha toolkit deployed to DDPI website

The toolkit is not yet up to the standards I had set for an initial release, but I'm going on a trip for a week, and I thought it would be a waste not to deploy what I have right now so those with the ambition can get started. Go to www.ddpi.org, and select "Developer Support" to see the files.

Note that we do not have the space to put up a copy of Mandrake 8.0 Linux, so you will have to either buy it, download it, or have me mail it to you start working with the Linux part of the kit. I'm not leaving on my trip for almost 24 hours, so if anyone wants me to mail you the CDs before my trip, let me know right now.... read more

Posted by Steve Jorgensen 2001-05-18

Toolkit update

Well, it's been a while since I posted the message that I was going to take one day off from work, and build the DDPI toolklit. Ha!

Anyway, rapid progress is being made, and there should be some kind of beta toolkit available in a few days. Note that I could still use 1 to 2 more members on the Developer Support team to help complete this and to help with maintenance and update procedures.

With regard to evaluating pgAccess in Windows-only environments, you may be interested to know that I have successfully installed and started PostgreSQL on Windows 98! I have created a previously non-existent step-by-step procedure for making this work - that works (and boy am I the cat that ate the canary over that!). This means that members wishing to help evaluate pgAccess can do so even if they have only a single Windows 98 or ME system available.... read more

Posted by Steve Jorgensen 2001-04-12

New team - Developer Support

The first DDPI team doing technical work has now been founded. Steve Jorgensen is the team leader and Michael Blake has also signed on.

The team mailing list is being set up as of this post and is called ddpi-devsupport. The current plan is that this team will also be answering (or attempting to answer) your technical support questions through the DDPI Help forum.

The Developer Support team will be small, but is still asking for 1 to 2 more members. If you can help, we want you. Anyone who has installed Linux at least once, has had some exposure to make files and compilers at some point in your history, and has access to a CD burner will be able to participate in this team (basic HTML also useful). If you don't fit this profile, but have a lot of spare time in the next week in which to get up to speed, that will work too.

Posted by Steve Jorgensen 2001-04-05

DDPI Links Updated

I just posted an update to the DDPI Links page, which no longer lives on my website, but is found at http://www.ddpi.org/DDPILinksCollection.htm .

Keep those annotations coming! Also, there are still plenty of links on that page with no annotations (68 annotations for 82 links, with two links have 2 annotations each; that leaves 16 links without annotations).

Also, I'm in need of someone with ASP experience to convert this to a fully interactive page, with direct reads and writes from an MDB file. I can't write the ASP, but I've already got VBA code that writes the main annotation table, so it should be a piece of cake to port the VBA/DAO to ASP.... read more

Posted by David W. Fenton 2001-04-01

DDPI.ORG site is up!

March 28, 2001
The ddpi.org web site is up and running. Construction for interactive features is underway.
Mail boxes are being set up.

Posted by peter walker 2001-03-29

DWF's DDPI Links Updated


Lots of new annotations on Legal/Licensing, on database technologies and on Windows binary of PostgreSQL.

Current contributors include myself, Steve Jorgensen, Jim Tully and George J. Shears.

Keep the coming, folks. This is the first version created from my Access MDB (I plug in the data, and run a subroutine to write the file) so it's much, much easier for me to produce updates than it was when I was doing it by hand. And the MDB will end up as the back end for the next incarnation of the page, with link submission capability, on the DDPI.org website.... read more

Posted by David W. Fenton 2001-03-26

CDMA Pre-History Posted in Its Own Forum

I have posted all the CDMA threads in their own forum at http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=74666 so that anyone wanting to know the context in which DDPI was conceived could to there and read. I hope this is helpful.

David Fenton

Posted by David W. Fenton 2001-03-25

Please Subscribe to New Mailing List: DDPI-Announce

An administrative mailing list for DDPI announcements, DDPI-Announce, is now up and reading for subscription. The purpose of this mailing list is purely administrative, and will consist only of project announcements. It is read-only for non-admins, so it will remain low volume. Non-admins may post also, but their posts will be "moderated" by the list administrator (me), meaning that any posts by non-approved list members must be approved by me.... read more

Posted by David W. Fenton 2001-03-25

Another Update to DWF's DDPI Links Page


As of Midnight Eastern time, 2001-03-22, added the links from Peter Walker's Links page, and update appearance to make it easier to read left to right.

Please let me know if you have comments/annotations for any of the links on the page.

David W. Fenton
David Fenton Associates

Posted by David W. Fenton 2001-03-23

Updates to DWF's DDPI Links Page

I updated http://www.bway.net/~dfassoc/DDPI/ with gobs of interesting links and commentary from Steve Jorgensen at shortly before 9pm Eastern time.

Check it out!

David W. Fenton
David Fenton Associates

Posted by David W. Fenton 2001-03-23