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Ddclient 3.8.3 released

Yet again it's been a while but here is new release of ddclient. As usual,
there are some important changes and some documentation is modified.
A detailed overview can be found in ChangeLog but here's a quick overview:

  • added Alpine Linux init scritp - patch send by @Tal on github.
  • adding support for nsupdate - patch send by @droe on github
  • allow log username-password combinations - patch send by @dirdi on github
  • adding support for cloudflare - patch send by @roberthawdon on github
  • adding support for duckdns - patch send by @gkranis... read more
Posted by wimpunk 2015-05-30

Ddclient 3.8.2 finally released

It's been a while and has been announced a while ago but here is new release of
ddclient. There are some important changes and some documentation is modified.
A detailed overview can be found in ChangeLog but here's a quick overview:

  • adding support by ChangeIP - patch send by Michele Giorato
  • sha-1 patch send by pirast to allow Digest::SHA
  • allow reuse of use - patch send by Rodrigo Araujo
  • preventing deep sleep - see [bugs:#46]
  • Fallback to iproute if ifconfig doesn't work - patch send by Maccied Grela... read more
Posted by wimpunk 2013-12-26

Preparing ddclient 3.8.2

It's been announced on the mailing list a while ago: we are preparing a new release of ddclient. It would be nice if there were some people out there who could test the latest version in subversion and give some feedback. If there aren't any obstructing bugs, I will let this beast out.

Posted by wimpunk 2013-06-24

Important notice: changes are coming

There are a few changes coming.

  • Because of some recent personal changes I'm not having enough time to work on this project any more. There are only some obvious bugreports which get solved quickly but others stay there forever.
  • Dyndns decided to change their business model and they stopped offering free account [1]. It made me decide to make dyndns less important for ddclient.
  • Sourceforge decided to retire the hosted apps [2] which means this trac environment will come to an end.... read more
Posted by wimpunk 2012-07-28

Ddclient 3.8.1 released

Once again it has been announced a while ago but it finally got there. A detailed overview of the changes can be found in the ChangeLog but these are the interesting once:

* Fixing #28: FreeDNS.afraid.org changed api slightly
* Added dtdns-support
* Added support for longer password
* Added cisco-asa patch
* Added support for LoopiaDNS

Let's hope next one will be there sooner.

Posted by wimpunk 2011-07-11

Preparing for a new release

Unless new bugs are reported, you may expect ddclient-3.8.1 pretty soon. But we can't release a new version without testers so please feel free to test the pretty stable version in subversion.

Posted by wimpunk 2010-09-14

Ddclient website moved to trac

Since sourceforge decided to stop using wikispaces, ddclient has been moved by the sf-team to trac. The pages can be found at http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/ddclient/ and the ddclient startpage should point to that location soon.

Posted by wimpunk 2009-07-31

Ddclient 3.8.0 released

I annonced it a while ago but the new version of ddclient has finally been released. There are some important changes and some documentation is modified. A detailed overview can be found
in ChangeLog.

Posted by wimpunk 2009-01-27

Ddclient 3.8.0 will be there soon

It's been a while since the latest release of ddclient so we're planning to release a new version. Since it has a new feature which handles multiple IP's it will be a major release.

Watch the news!

Posted by wimpunk 2008-11-19

Fix for mail on HUP

For those people who get annoyed by the mail they get every time the shutdown there computer, there's a fix for it. You can find it at as patch #1889514 [1]. There's an item on the FAQ [2] about it to.


[1] https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=676130&aid=1889514&group_id=116817
[2] http://ddclient.wiki.sourceforge.net/Faq

Posted by wimpunk 2008-02-13

Ddclient needs developers!

It looks like the current developers are to busy working on other stuff they don't have time to contribute to ddclient. If you know some perl and want to work on ddclient, please contact wimpunk on irc or use the sourceforge instructions.

Posted by wimpunk 2007-10-31

ddclient 3.7.3 released

With a big help from Marco Rodrigues, we released ddclient 3.7.3. It has a few bugfixes and typo-corrections and contains the correct files in the package. Most important change: we moved over to an auto generated ChangeLog.

Posted by wimpunk 2007-08-07

Website moved to wiki

Hi everyone out there,

Recently Kmos did a great job by moving website to the sf.net wiki. It can all be found at the original ddclient website http://ddclient.sf.net and we even opened a mailing list to let you post all your comment. You can find the mailing list at https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/ddclient-wiki
Have fun and send us your comments.

Kind regards,


Posted by wimpunk 2007-07-12

ddclient 3.7.2 released with a little bug

Finally another release of ddclient. It has some nice patches and I would suggest every 3.7.x user to update.
Unfortunately it has a little bug. The version number in the ddclient program isn't changed. So please update it yourself.
We're currently working on a wiki based website for ddclient so maybe ddclient will get good documentation once.

Posted by wimpunk 2007-06-14

ddclient 3.7.1 released

Again it's been taking a while but here's a new version of ddclient. It has a few interesting patches which where applied by the debian maintainer and those are now officially added to the debian package. We're trying to work together with other package maintainer to and hope to get this version of ddclient in the sarge release. Anyway, torsten, thanks for the patches.

Posted by wimpunk 2007-02-11

Website updated

Finally, I took a little time to update the website. There are probably still some mistakes out there but feel free to report them.

Posted by wimpunk 2006-09-11

ddclient 3.7.0 released with https support

Halleluja! It's out there! Ddclient 3.7.0 is finally released. It's been taking a while but it has a pretty nice improvement. With the help of perlhaq ddclient can update your favorit dynamic dns provider using https. Checkout README.ssl for more information on how to use it.
There's more. Check the changelog for more details.
This release wasn't possible without the help of perlhaq and ddfisher.

Posted by wimpunk 2006-06-14

ddclient-support opened again

It's been a while since the latest news so here're a few new things:
- ddclient-support is opened again. Sf.net upgrade MailMan and should accept less spam now. Let's hope it works.
- cvs is migrated to subversion.
- ssl support is currently in the current svn-version. It will be released soon but needs a few tests.
- we're working on an updated version of the website. It will be there pretty soon.

Posted by wimpunk 2006-05-30

ddclient 3.6.7 released

Finally, it's ready to download. It's been a while since the previous release and it has a few nice bugs fixed, so christmas brings you a new and improved version of ddclient. Please contact the forum if there's any problem.

Posted by wimpunk 2005-12-18

ddclient-support closed

Since the mailing list only got spam, I closed it. Sorry for the few people who were using it.

Posted by wimpunk 2005-10-12

ddclient 3.6.5 released

It's there! Read the release notes and the changelog and don't forget the only good place for ddclient.conf is /etc/ddclient/ddclient.conf
If you need any help, use the help forum.

Posted by wimpunk 2004-11-24

ddclient-cvs with postscript by Larry Hendric

Larry Hendrickson posted a patch for running a postscript after updating the dynamic dns service. The only thing you need to add to the configuration is:
The patch is applied to the cvs-version. It's not tested yet but the source looks cool to me.
Btw, Larry if you're out there, please contact me. When I replied to you message I got "domain not found"...

Posted by wimpunk 2004-11-06

ddclient 3.6.4 released

It's been there for a while but I forgot to post some news about it. It has support for NameCheap service (thanks to Dan Boardman) and there is support for linksys ver2 (thanks to Dan Perik)

Posted by wimpunk 2004-10-24

Website updated

Finally I took some time to work on the website. Please take a look and tell me what I forgot. :-)

Posted by wimpunk 2004-10-07

Mailing list available

Since I got to much personal mail with questions about ddclient I decided to open a mailing list.

Posted by wimpunk 2004-09-15

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